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About This Website

It was 1998 when I got interested in creating a personal web page as a hobby to kill time. I eventually registered a domain name for it. A few years passed by and I saw the domain as an expense and let the website to fade away in cyberspace. More than a decade has passed and I got back the original website that I let go in the past. I also managed to find an archive file of my original program to generate an acrostic name poem. Back then, I wrote the original program in Perl and it uses a flat file to store the database.

The new website – Names.org – uses PHP and MySQL combo. I also managed to get a new database for the actual meaning of several names. In fact, it has 22,300 records on it. This is great. I did not stop there though. I looked around and found an even bigger database with more than 5 million records – the Social Security Administration public records. This is going to be fun!

Like its predecessor, this website adopted the original Past Life algorithm of Natalie V. Zubar. It was ported from JavaScript to PHP for use in this website.

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41k julianna
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5.1m john
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< 1k sureja
< 1k rudah
73k cooper
11k kane
< 1k rudba
753k melissa
< 1k poussey