Popular Baby Names And Their Meanings

Popular Baby Names of 2011

A name is that unique word that identifies you as the person you are. Sometimes, names inspire you to work harder and achieve the purpose behind its meaning. Every name has some significance, however simple it might sound. Learn how you were named and the meaning behind your name in order to determine your mission in life.

How People Are Named

It is essential that every boy or girl born be assigned a name. This is the first responsibility of the parents immediately after the arrival of a new member of the family. Traditionally, people were named after their ancestors. For instance, you would be named after your grandmother, grandfather, or even other relatives. Often, mothers and fathers chose names of people who were believed to have lived a great life or those who inspired them through one way or another. This trend has changed slightly, with the rise of a modern culture full of celebrities and other events.

Naming of children today reflects many of the incidences taking place around the world. Celebrity lifestyle has grown, and it is very common to hear a child named after a singer, film star, reformist, footballer among others.

Parents also assign their children the names of Biblical characters, such as Paul, James, Joshua, Moses, Peter, John, Abraham among others. Angelic names such as Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and the rest are also popular.

Some names are popular within only specific regions, and it is even possible to find a name that runs across families within a certain neighborhood. The traditional names, James and John, are among the most popular among men. Among the females, Mary and Elizabeth are among the most shared names. Even though these names have some Biblical origin, they have their own unique meanings attached to them.

Most Popular Boy Names And Their Meanings

It is important to note that names keep changing with changing times, depending on various factors. According to the US Social Security website, the most popular male names in 2011 are:

  1. Jacob - This is a name that has a Hebrew origin. In 2011 it has a popularity of 20,153 times and it means supplanter.
  2. Mason - This name has a French origin, and has a popularity of 19,396. Stone worker is its real meaning.
  3. William - This name has an English origin, and means a strong-willed warrior. It has a popularity of 17,151 entries.
  4. Jayden - This is an American name that is closely associated with Jaden. It has a popularity of 16,861 entries.
  5. Noah - This is a Biblical name with a Hebrew origin. It means peace or rest, and has a popularity of 16,719.
  6. Michael - This name has a Hebrew origin, and it is a question asking: Who is like God? It has a popularity of 16,598.
  7. Ethan - This name also has a Hebrew origin, meaning strong or firm. Its popularity is 16,567.
  8. Alexander - This name has a Greek origin, with popularity rate of 15,591. It is used to mean defender of people.
  9. Aiden - This name has an Irish origin, and a popularity of 15,389 entries. Its meaning is small or little fire.
  10. Daniel - This is a Hebrew name by origin, though it has been used across continents to mean God is my judge. Its popularity rate is 15,138 entries.

These names have gone through modifications in order to fit within different cultures, but the original meanings are still maintained. Some modify the names to fit the female gender by adding some words before or after the original name. Others have even added other names to make the names sound longer and maybe lovely.

From the analysis above, males are given names that pronounce their masculine power and abilities. Others show the responsibility given to men by God, and their position within the society. For instance, it is their responsibility to provide and defend members of their families. Others show their physical abilities and this is what motivates them to work extra harder to meet their responsibilities.

Most Popular Girl Names And Their Meanings

Girls love things that appeal to their senses of smell, touch, hearing, style and feel. Their names reflect the underlying feminine power and other qualities that make a good woman. The most popular female names in 2011 are:

  1. Sophia - This name has a Greek origin, and means wisdom. It has a popularity of 21,695.
  2. Isabella - This name has an Italian origin, and means God is my oath. It has a popularity of 19,745.
  3. Emma - This is a Latin name that means universal. It has a popularity of 18,674.
  4. Olivia - This is an English name that means Elf Army. It has a popularity of 17,169.
  5. Ava - This is a Latin name whose meaning revolves around love and friendship. The Italians use it to mean like a bird. It has a popularity of 15,383.
  6. Emily - This English name has its meaning coined from excellence and all that pertains to this. Strive and rival are among the best complements as far as its original meaning is concerned. It has a popularity of 14,164.
  7. Abigail - This name has a Hebrew origin, and its meaning revolves around the feelings of joy by the male parent. It has a popularity of 13,149.
  8. Madison - This is a unisex English name that means son or daughter of Matthew. Its popularity rate is 12,298 entries.
  9. Mia - This name has Scandinavian origin and it means of the sea or bitter. In 2011 this name has a popularity of 11,451.
  10. Chloe - This name has a Greek origin, and means verdant and blooming. It has a popularity of 10,917.

So, are you still asking: How popular is my name? There you have it. Even though the names highlighted above were the ones given to most of the babies born in 2011, you can always find out how popular your name is by conducting a simple search. All you have to do is fill out the form on the sidebar, enter your first name and then click "Go". It is important to note that new names are generated every single year, and so recently generated names may not have a high popularity rate.