Do the Name Game - Acrostic Challenge

Do the Name Game Acrostic Challenge

This game is very simple to play. All you have to do is think of a friend's name for each letter of your name. It's actually a form of acrostic wherein the first letter, syllable or word of each line spells out a word or a message (according to Wikipedia). In this game you will spell out your name using your friends' first name. You should notice that this is also the same technique used on this site. For every name, a virtue or positive trait is selected for each letter of the name. If you run out of names then you can use a family member, classmate, co-worker or your favorite anime character's name. Tip: You can use the “Baby Name Meanings” on the sidebar under “Name Explorer Tools” to browse for familiar names. You can even go beyond first names by adding a virtue after each name.

Ready? Let's begin with an example for the name Maria Delos Angel – one of the longest girl's name in our database.


M is for Mac, a mild and gentle person.

A is for Arman, an adorable person to be with.

R is for Rio, a refreshing friend.

I is for Ichigo, an intense young shinigami.

A is for Aida, absolutely wonderful person.


D is for Darth Vader, may the force be with you always.

E is for Ethan, extraordinary man.

L is for Liam, loyal and strong-willed friend.

O is for Oxford, the dictionary (ha-ha-ha).

S is for Susan, a serious gal.


A is for Angel, admirable in every way!

N is for Neo, a noble one - The Matrix.

G is for Gabriella, a gem of every nation.

E is for Edgar, enjoyable friend to be with.

L is for Lauren, live life to the fullest.


See how simple that was. Now go ahead and try it out. Post it on your Facebook wall and tag the friends you used. Challenge them to do the same. Remember, this is just for fun.