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What Name To Give Your Baby?

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Deciding on what name to give your baby could be a very difficult task. Your baby's name is extremely important as this is how they will identify themselves for the rest of their lives. A name is essential in developing a child's early sense of identity and in building their self-confidence. Giving your baby a bad name could affect you and your child for a lifetime. How do you find the perfect name for your child? How do you choose what name to give your baby? There are many names available in this database and it is important to take into consideration the different baby names and meaning of names when deciding a name for your child.

Common Or Most Popular Baby Names

Names that have survived the test of time might be the safest option for parents when naming their child. Although common or popular baby names like John and Jane are easily forgotten, children with popular names are more openly received by society and people's perception of them and their parents are generally better. Often, the meaning of names that are biblical in nature are safe names to give your child.

Classic names like Emily, Hannah, Jessica, Abigail and Melissa for girls and Joshua, Daniel, William, Noah and Alexander for boys will never go out style. Abigail means “to give joy” while Hannah means “grace”. Emily, on the other hand, comes from a Latin word that means “hard worker or to strive” and Jessica means “God beholds”.

Biblical names like Joshua means “God is my salvation” while Daniel stands for “God is my judge”. William, a name commonly given to people of nobility, it means “strong-willed warrior” while Alexander means “defender of the people”.

Unisex Names

Parents who do not have the liberty to know the gender of their baby before birth opt to choose names that are suitable for either a boy or a girl. Popular examples of unisex names are Morgan and Jordan. Morgan is a Welsh name traditionally used for males which means “ocean” or “sea”. Jordan also has a similar meaning which is “river”. Other popular unisex names include Taylor, Sidney, Robin, Whitney and Erin.

Although it is very convenient for parents to name their children with unisex names, careful consideration must be done. One problem with unisex names is that it can be confusing to determine the gender of a person. This could become very problematic when it comes to job applications. Naming males with names that are very feminine might have detrimental effects to the emotional and psychological development of the child. Having names that are too feminine for males might cause teasing and bullying.

Unique Baby Names

All parents want their children to be unique. They want their child to stand out and be different as much as possible. This is the reason why most parents opt for names that are unique. An unusual name gives your child the edge. It helps in starting conversation especially if the name comes with an interesting story. An uncommon name is also easier to remember.

Thinking of a unique name for your child is easier said than done. This endeavour can be interesting and exciting but time consuming at the same time. Some people create their own baby names by modifying the spelling of common names. For example, Alison, a popular name for a girl which means “of noble birth” can be spelled as Alyson, Allison or Allyson. Others modify this name into Alyce, Alys, Alyssa, Alyse, Ailisa, or Alyssia.

Some refer to books to look for names for their babies. Names coming from legends and stories have appeals that are timeless. Shakespearean baby name meanings are not only interesting but also have a magical ring to it. For example, Miranda is a character in Shakespeare's The Tempest. Miranda comes from a Latin word which means “admirable”. Ariel, a name which could be given to either a boy or a girl, comes from a Hebrew word that means “lion of God”. Another unique Shakespearean name is Imogen. It is a name for a girl that means “image”. Others take the names of characters from famous movies like Skywalker, Obiwan and Amidala.

There are some parents that use the English punctuation marks as names for their babies. There are babies who are named as Apostrophe, Comma and Colon. Some parents even take it to the extreme by just writing out the punctuation mark itself on their child's birth certificate.

One major pitfall of giving your babies unique names is that sometimes names could sound so outrageous that your child might be the subject of teasing in school. This might lead to relationship problems between you and your child. Another disadvantage of a unique name is that it might be too difficult to spell and pronounce. Unique names are often long and have unusual spelling. This might become a problem for your child in the future.

Celebrity Baby Names

Choosing names that comes from celebrities is also a popular practice among parents when naming their children. The more popular the celebrity is the better. For example, in the 1990's the name Demi was very popular among girls because this was the time when many blockbuster movies starring Demi Moore came out. Other parents choose to copy the names celebrities gave to their children. Mia became a popular name for girls when a Lleyton Hewitt, a famous tennis player, named his baby Mia. You must always keep in mind that names according to trends come and go. What may be fashionable now might not be fashionable a year from now. Some names like Gary and Barbara that were so popular in the 1950's are now outdated.

If you are still unsatisfied with the names available in our database or confused because there are so many choices to choose from, you could always try creating your own name. You can combine names to make one unique name. You can also ask your family and friends for advice as they might have some useful insights that could help you decide. Whatever names you choose for your baby, do keep in mind that names last for a lifetime. The name you choose must be a name that your child will be able to live with. A name could have great impact on a child's emotional and psychological development. Make sure that the baby name meanings are special and mean something to you.