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Name Origin Meaning
1.4m Anthony English Flower
1.3m Andrew English Manly
891k Anna English Grace of god
859k Ashley English Most Beautiful in the world
787k Amanda English Love
692k Amy French Beloved
666k Angela English Messenger of god
665k Alexander Greek Defender of men
580k Aaron Hebrew Teacher
562k Alice English Of the nobility
552k Adam Hebrew 1st man on earth
530k Arthur English Bear
490k Albert German Firm and responsible
470k Ann English Grace of God
437k Andrea English Gift of god
412k Austin English Eclipse
400k Alexis English Defender
371k Amber English Jewel
357k Abigail Hebrew Father's joy
351k Annie English Prayer
348k Alan English Handsome
322k Anne English Means caring and kind
322k Angel English The gift of god
305k Alyssa English Gift of god
299k Allison English Noble
280k Audrey English Noble strength
279k Alex English Defender of Mankind
269k Allen English Rock
251k Ava English Bird
247k Antonio Italian WORTHY OF PRAISE
246k Adrian Latin Big
243k Alfred English Old Peace
239k April English Smile of kindness
232k Alexandra Greek Defender of men
226k Alicia English Noble
215k Anita English God of the nature
197k Aiden English Little fire
180k Amelia English Beautiful and trustworthy
171k Avery English Elf Ruler
168k Annette French Favor
161k Alma Arabic Soul
160k Alvin English Gift of god
158k Agnes Greek "pure" or "holy".
142k Arlene English Promise /pledge
136k Aubrey English Not kind
132k Alejandro Spanish Defender Of Mankind
129k Addison English Son of Adam
124k Andre English Gift
123k Alexa Greek Defender To Man
121k Autumn English Harvest of Plenty
118k Angelina English Little Angel
112k Alison English Of noble birth
111k Aidan Irish Little Fire
104k Arnold English Power like an eagle.
101k Ana Spanish Graceful
98k Alexandria English Defender of mankind.
96k Ariana English Holy one
95k Ada African Girl & boy name, meaning island
94k Allan English Choosen of God or a nazarite
90k Angelica English Angelic
90k Andy English The god of wind
89k Abraham Hebrew "Father of many"
88k Adriana Latin Crown of god
88k Arianna English Gift of God
87k Ashton English Ash tree town
86k Ariel Hebrew Lioness of god
84k Aaliyah English Unique
83k Andres Spanish Manly
78k Antoinette French
78k Angelo Italian Angel
72k Armando Spanish Man of the army
71k Ayden English Loving kind respectable handsome caring for others
71k Alberta English
67k Adrienne French
62k Angie English Angie means a messenger or Angel
60k Alberto Spanish Noble and bright
58k Abby English Gift of god
58k Annabelle French Beauty and Grace
55k Alana Hawaiian Gift to the gods
55k Alisha Arabic Protected by god
55k Adeline French Nobel
54k Alfredo Spanish
54k Arturo Mexican One as a god
53k Aimee French Loved
52k Alec English Defender of mankind
52k Aurora Latin Goddess of Dawn
52k Archie English Big and Bold
51k Allyson English Creative. Smart. Beautiful
51k Allie English Gift of god
50k Abel Hebrew Gif of god
50k Alejandra Spanish Defender of the people
50k Asher Hebrew Happy
47k August German Warm and bright
47k Alton English
45k Ashlyn English Gift of god
45k Addie French Nobility
44k Aria Italian Noble
44k Adrianna Italian Dark
43k Ashlee English
43k Alexia Greek Helper of mankind