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Name Origin Meaning
1.4m Barbara English Foreign, strange
1.2m Brian English Strong
1.0m Betty English Confident and sweet
758k Brandon English Love
737k Benjamin Hebrew Son Of The Right Hand
609k Brenda English Flaming sword
388k Billy English Gift of god
384k Bruce English Happy Warrior
382k Beverly English Meadow
381k Bryan English Immortal God
359k Brittany English From Britain
328k Bonnie Scottish Pretty
323k Bobby English Famed and bright light
306k Bradley English Broad of meadow
251k Brianna English Strong
209k Bertha English My love
200k Bernard English
191k Beatrice English Gift of God
191k Brooke English Water or Beauty
185k Bernice English Bringer of victory
182k Blake English Pale or fair and dark haired
181k Barry English
171k Bessie English
161k Bill English Determined protector
161k Brett English Life
159k Beth English Pure
139k Brent English Love of Aaliyah life
133k Billie English Strong willed
118k Bailey English Kings Gift
115k Bryce English Gift of god
115k Brayden English The One True God
108k Brandy English Woman wielding a flaming sword
107k Bobbie English
102k Brandi English Courage
99k Brooklyn American Gift of god
97k Bethany Hebrew House of Figs
93k Bob English "Adventurous and kind hearted"
93k Briana English Beautiful
90k Brendan Irish Prince
89k Bridget Irish Exalted One, Strong
89k Brady English Spirited
88k Blanche French White
87k Becky English Treasure
83k Ben English Son of My Right Hand
83k Brad English Tall, straight, strong, pine tree
82k Brittney English In English the meaning of the name Brittney is: Originally the ancient duchy of Bretagne in France. Celtic Bretons emigrated from France to become the Bretons of England.
81k Breanna English Beautiful and Smart you will find great love
80k Byron English
73k Beulah Hebrew Married
72k Bianca Italian White
72k Belinda English Beautiful
66k Brody English Love
62k Bennie German Blessed
59k Bryson English BEST BROTHER
57k Bella Italian Beautiful
54k Bernadette French Brave as a bear
50k Bryant English
48k Betsy Hebrew Oath of god
47k Benny Hebrew Big ego
46k Braxton English Gift of god
44k Braden English Cute
43k Bentley English Sweet person.
41k Brock English Badger
39k Bennett English Little blessed one
38k Bettie English
38k Bonita Spanish Pretty or Beautiful
36k Beau French Handsome noble young man
35k Bette
35k Britney English
34k Bert German Friends
33k Brennan Irish Rain,moisture,and drop
32k Blaine English Slender, thin
32k Bradford English Broad river crossing
30k Brielle Hebrew God is my strength
30k Brooklynn English Pretty
30k Bret English Derived from the old French Word "Breton"
29k Blair Scottish Strong
28k Brenna Celtic Raven
27k Branden English
27k Boyd English Yellow skin- from the area of Boidh in scottland
26k Brooks Irish
25k Brenden English Prince
25k Blanca Spanish
24k Bobbi English Famous, outshining
23k Bridgette English Life's essence
23k Brynn Welsh Hill
23k Bettye
22k Brantley English Proud
22k Buddy English Winner, Friend of the King.
22k Burton English
22k Bernadine English Brave as a bear or strong as a bear
20k Brianne English Strength, Wisdom
20k Baylee English Gift of love
19k Brendon Scottish Prince
19k Barrett German Legend
19k Bryanna English Shy
17k Beatriz Portuguese Bringer of joy
17k Belle French Beauty
16k Bart English Son of the earth
16k Barney Slavic