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Names Starting with D

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Name Origin Meaning
3.6m David Hebrew Beloved
1.9m Daniel Hebrew God is my judge
1.4m Donald English World leader
1.1m Dorothy Greek A Gift from God
833k Donna Italian Lady
742k Deborah Hebrew Bee
620k Dennis English Special
559k Douglas Scottish Isolation
551k Debra English Gift from God, Queen bee
519k Diane English Warrior
465k Doris English Love
373k Denise English Christmas
373k Dylan English Son of the Sea
368k Danielle English God is my judge
359k Diana English Divine
299k Dale English Valley, small valley, or from a valley. (Old English)
290k Dawn English The beginning of when the sun comes up.
284k Danny English Judged by God
245k Dana Arabic Dana means you are wonderful helpful to other kinds
230k Derek English English: People's ruler German: People''s ruler; a short form of Theodoric commonly used as an independent name
212k Dolores Spanish Sorrows or aches
206k Dustin English The name Dustin is a name meaning "Norse-Stone", and means "Brave Warrior".
205k Darlene English Little dear one
188k Debbie English Bee
177k Dean English Kind
168k Don Irish "world ruler", noble, chief
167k Devin English Gift of god
164k Dominic English My nan
160k Darrell English
146k Destiny English Fate
143k Derrick English Ruler of the people
141k Daisy English Gift of god
134k Deanna English " Pertaining to the song/voice, presence or "Mark" of an angel or other heavenly being"
118k Delores English Gift to children
117k Dakota Native American Friend
116k Duane Irish Little dark one
106k Dan English Judge of God
106k Dora English Gift of god
104k Diego Spanish Peace
102k Darren English God's loyal time collector
95k Dianne English
93k Darryl English Great
90k Devon English Warrior of God
83k Damian English To Tame
82k Desiree French Desire you
81k Drew English The most masculine male in the tribe.
81k Dalton English Farm land in a valley
78k Dwight English Determined Worker Intense Good worker Hard worker Terrific
76k Dwayne English God helps us
73k Dallas English Wisdom, Shinning Star
72k Dominique English Belong to God
68k Della English Gift of God
67k Donnie English Gift Of God, Energized, Little Angel
67k Daryl English Darling
64k Dave English Gift Of My Life
64k Damon Greek Warrior
63k Dillon Irish Gift Of God
63k Dominick Italian
59k Daniela Spanish God is my judge
56k Damien English The Enlighten One, that leads a pack or tribe
56k Donovan English A young Man, Special soul, one of a Kind!
56k Dianna Spanish Love
51k Darius Persian/Iranian Possesses; rich and kingly
47k Delbert English Bright
46k Doreen Hebrew Gift of God
44k Dixie English
43k Dante Italian Enduring
42k Darla English Beloved
37k Delilah English Delight
37k Delaney Gaelic Inspirational
36k Delia Greek Flower
36k Dawson English "The son of David"
36k Demetrius Greek Earth lover
35k Daphne Greek Shy,little
35k Deloris Latin
35k Diamond English Gem
35k Dewey
34k Dorothea English
33k Desmond English Alt
33k Drake English Fire Drake or commonly known as a Dragon. Originally from the Norse "Dreki", also meaning Dragon.
33k Dexter Hebrew Strong Father
33k Darin Kurdish "Precious present" in Kurdish and Persian
32k Dena Hebrew Judgment
32k Declan Irish Full of Godness
32k Dane Danish God will judge
31k Dina Hebrew Judgement
31k Doyle Irish Dark Haired Stranger
30k Darnell French Sweet hope
30k Darrel English Gift of god
29k Debora Hebrew The bee
29k Darrin English God
29k Dick
29k Davis English BELOVED
28k Daniella Italian Gift of God
28k Deandre English Manly
26k Dewayne Arabic
25k Darwin English My love
24k Dorian English Child of sea
24k Darcy Irish "Dark One"
23k Deana English From the valley. meaning divine.