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Name Origin Meaning
1.6m Elizabeth English Gift of god
1.3m Edward English A god of green
879k Eric English Leader
843k Emily English Industrious
656k Emma English Universal
565k Evelyn English The meaning of Evelyn is "life". It is also of Latin origin, where its meaning is "bird" and French origin, where its meaning is "little bird, hazelnut".
414k Ethan English Strong
381k Eugene English English form of Greek "Eugenios" meaning "well-born"
322k Erin Irish Ireland
303k Ernest English Smile
298k Ella English Beautiful fairy
295k Edna Hebrew Pleasant
291k Earl English Wonderful strong blessed best confident man
283k Eleanor English Light
282k Elijah Hebrew My God is YahWeh
280k Ethel English Noble
274k Ellen English Meaning bright light
267k Edith English Gift of god with laughter and kindness
266k Evan English Young warrior
264k Eva English Life
258k Elaine English Pure
256k Esther Hebrew Star
241k Edwin English Rich friend
231k Erica English Honorable ruler
225k Eddie English Guardian of prosperity
186k Eileen Irish Free, wealthy
178k Elsie English Oath of God
152k Erik Scandinavian Man, hero
152k Edgar Mexican He who defends his lands with the spear
130k Elmer English
124k Erika Scandinavian Erika is the feminine name of Erik which means "Lone ruler", in this case means "Lonely Queen".
116k Eli Hebrew Gift of the devil
104k Everett English Big boy
103k Eduardo Spanish Prosperous guardian
81k Eunice Greek Good victory
76k Elias Greek GOD is within me
74k Elena Greek Light
74k Emmanuel English God is with us
71k Erick English The god
64k Elise French Pledged to God
60k Ellie English Gift of god
59k Earnest English
57k Enrique Spanish Home ruler
55k Erma English Prosperity
53k Estelle French Star
52k Emmett English
52k Eliza English My God is bountiful
51k Eloise French Kind
51k Edmund English Gift of God
50k Emanuel Spanish God is with us
48k Ezra Hebrew Helper
48k Elliott English Random (also its Netherlands)
47k Eula Greek
46k Easton English Brave, Poseidon
46k Elisabeth English "Gift of god"
45k Ellis English Gift of god
45k Esmeralda Spanish Emerald
44k Ernestine Hebrew
44k Effie English
44k Elliot English With Strength and RIght
43k Ernesto Spanish
42k Emerson English Brave and powerful
42k Elisa Italian God is my oath
41k Etta English
41k Ezekiel Hebrew Tender love
41k Essie English Star
39k Ebony English Dark strength
39k Estella Latin Star
39k Emilio Spanish Gift of god
38k Ervin English The arrival of wind
38k Eden Hebrew Pleasing delights
37k Emery English Brave;powerful
35k Eliana Hebrew "Answer from God"
34k Elbert English Handsome
32k Elva Swedish The number eleven in Swedish
32k Emil Latin The name Emil means handsome
32k Emilia Italian Rival
30k Esteban Spanish Crowned in victory
30k Eugenia Greek Well born or noble
29k Elsa Hebrew God is my oath
27k Elisha English Love
27k Elvira Spanish
26k Ed English
26k Eldon English
26k Evangeline French Bringer of good news
25k Emilie French "gift of god"
25k Eve Hebrew I thought Eve meant Life.
24k Edmond English A very polite child
23k Ericka English Always Ruler
23k Elaina English
22k Emilee English Industrious; striving
22k Elma English Apple
22k Emiliano Spanish Protector
21k Emory English Guardian angel
21k Elnora English Light
21k Elton English
21k Erwin Indonesian
20k Elwood Chinese
20k Elinor English Light origin Alnour-Elnour-Annour
20k Elvin English