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Name Origin Meaning
915k Frank English Free man
594k Frances English Lover of flowers
345k Fred English Peaceful Ruler
337k Florence Italian Blossom
314k Francis English King
262k Frederick English Peaceful ruler
155k Floyd English "Grey" or "hollow"
136k Franklin English Substantial householder
134k Faith English Gift of God
134k Francisco Spanish Free man
96k Fernando Spanish Meaning. courageous, adventurer, conqueror, and leader. Fernando is a given name common in Italy, Portugal, and Spain, equivalent to the Germanic given name Ferdinand, with an original meaning of "adventurous, bold journey".
91k Felicia English Beautiful smart strong
85k Fannie Irish Lovely
83k Freddie English Peace or power
74k Frankie English Free
69k Felix Swedish Happy
69k Faye English Fairy
68k Flora Italian Goddess of Flowers
64k Fredrick English
49k Forrest American Strong, family man
42k Freda English
39k Fabian Latin It comes from the latin name for a bean species
37k Fern English Delicate as a filagree fern lace
36k Fay English Fairy, Pixie, Elf, Gnome
36k Francine English Pretty
32k Fatima Arabic One who weans.
30k Felipe Mexican Chosen
29k Francesca Italian Free woman
26k Fiona English Gift of God
26k Freddy English A brown bear
25k Frieda German
23k Finley Irish Fair haired warrior
22k Flossie English Beauty
19k Finn Irish Gift
16k Forest English "Beauty of nature"
15k Fernanda Spanish
14k Frederic French
14k Fletcher English Arrow maker/tradesman
13k Felicity English Happiness
12k Francisca Spanish
11k Foster English To nourish, to care for, to protect, preserve
11k Florine
11k Freeman English A free born man.
11k Fidel Spanish
11k Freida Hebrew
11k Farrah Persian/Iranian Happiness
10k Felecia African
9k Fanny
9k Fallon Irish Descended from ruler
9k Fabiola Spanish Kind, sweet, Cool, pretty
9k Ferdinand German Royalty or Kingship
8k Federico Italian Powerful King
8k Fredric
7k Finnegan Irish Fair
7k Francesco Italian "French"
7k Flor Spanish Flower
7k Floy English
7k Franco Spanish Rich
7k Felton English
6k Ford English
6k Frida Spanish Peace
6k Fritz German
6k Franklyn
6k Felisha English
6k Freya Norwegian Love.
5k Fawn English Young
5k Fran English
5k Filomena Italian Friend of strength
5k Farah Arabic Happiness
5k Felice
5k Farrell Irish
5k Ferne
5k Florene Italian
5k Fermin Spanish
4k Fisher Scottish
4k Flynn Irish
4k Franchesca Italian
4k Fredy English Form of Freddy
4k Fonda
4k Faustino Spanish Lucky
4k Florida Spanish Full of Flowers; Flowery
4k Florian Turkish Who loves flowers. Poet.
3k Finnley Celtic Warrior
3k Farris Celtic
3k Freeda English
3k Florentino English
3k Florencio Spanish
3k Fransisco English The best
3k Flavio Italian Blonde
3k Franky English
3k Fatimah Arabic Means "to abstain" in Arabic.
3k Ferris Arabic
3k Furman English Brick Builder
3k Franz German
3k Fausto Spanish
3k Favian English
3k Foy French
2k Fabio Italian
2k Faigy Jewish Bird
2k Filiberto