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Name Origin Meaning
1.5m George English Farmer
903k Gary English A defender and a warrior
710k Gregory English
492k Grace English Gift of god
450k Gerald English Rule of spear
413k Gloria Spanish Glory/ Queen
344k Gabriel English Angel
267k Gladys English Gift of god
250k Glenn English
211k Geraldine French Spear Ruler
211k Gail English Source of Joy
177k Gertrude English Beloved
172k Gavin English White Hawk
154k Gordon English Loveful people
153k Gina Italian Queen
152k Georgia English The perfect women in the world
134k Gabrielle French Gabrielle is a name that means: Pure Beauty and Amazement.
133k Gene English
130k Garrett English Great Spear Thrower
130k Gilbert English Bright Oath
126k Glen English Valley
123k Grant English Strong Return
118k Gwendolyn English Beautiful
113k Gabriella Hebrew Gift of God
111k Genevieve French White Waves
109k Glenda English From the Glen
90k Guy French "guide, leader"
90k Guadalupe Mexican Mother of God
88k Geneva English Beautiful
79k Gabriela Spanish Love and kindness
78k Greg English Wow
75k Grayson English Cute
73k Gracie English Grace
67k Giovanni Italian God is gracious
66k Gayle English Father rejoices
66k Genesis Spanish Beginning
64k Gianna Italian God is gracious
58k Gerard Hebrew I am rare
57k Gage American "Pledge Oath"
54k Geoffrey English God's peace
53k Gretchen German " little pearl "
51k Gerardo Spanish
48k Garry English
47k Grady Irish Noble
46k Ginger English
43k Giselle French Gift of god
42k Graham English Gravel,sturdy
39k Griffin English
37k Gustavo Mexican Staff of the Gods
37k Gregg English
36k Goldie Native American
32k Gale Hebrew Singer of the song
31k Greyson English Cute
30k Gwen Welsh Happy
30k Guillermo English Warrior
28k Gilberto Portuguese
27k Grover Irish
26k Glenna Scottish
25k Greta German Truth and loyalty
25k Garland English
22k Gael Irish The Light
21k Gerry English
19k Gay
19k Gus English Majestic
17k Galen English A world citizen
16k Gunner English Warrior
16k Gillian English Radiant youth
15k Graciela Spanish Promises of god
15k Georgina English Darkness
14k Gia Italian Gods grace
14k Gussie English
14k Gunnar Norwegian Brave Soldiar
14k Gideon Hebrew Great warrior
14k Gemma Italian Precious stone
13k Georgie American Warrior, knight, soldier
13k Georgette French A thin silk dress material
13k Garret Indian (Sanskrit)
13k Gena English
12k Gino Italian Immortal
12k Giovanna Italian Grace
11k Gianni Italian
11k Gayla Gaelic
10k Gregorio Spanish God of fire
10k Germaine English Love
10k Gilda Italian
10k Gonzalo Spanish Hola
10k Garth English Gift from God
9k Gisselle Mexican
9k Gracelyn English Sometimes sweet
9k German Spanish
9k Giuliana Italian
9k Georgianna English
9k Georgiana Romanian Farmer
9k Griselda Spanish Grey maiden warrior
9k Garnet Filipino (Philippines)
9k Gertie Slavic
8k Geri Slavic
8k Giana Italian God is gracious
7k Garrison American
7k Giancarlo Italian