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Names Starting with H

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Name Origin Meaning
1.0m Helen Greek Light
684k Henry English Ruler of the house
552k Harold English
526k Heather English A Scottish flower
428k Hannah Hebrew Grace
423k Harry English Gift of god
347k Howard English Hedge guard
258k Hazel English Small tree of nuts.brown eyes colour
241k Hunter English Talented
229k Herbert German
201k Holly English Lovable
157k Hailey English Goddess of strength, beauty and wisdom
156k Haley English Meadow
143k Heidi German Noble
136k Herman German (Presumably old, proto-germanic in origin) Meaning is "Army man", as in "Heer Mann", "Haer Mann" and so on. English is the only germanic languag in which this connection is not obvious.
122k Hayden English Fire
121k Harvey English Gift of god
102k Hector Spanish "Gift of God
100k Hattie English Ruler of the household
89k Harriet English Home ruler
88k Hope English To believe that things will be well in the future.
82k Hugh French Heart mind spirit
81k Hilda German Battle
76k Harper English Musician
74k Harrison English Son of Harris
62k Harley English Meadow
61k Homer English
58k Hubert English
55k Hudson English Shady
54k Horace English
51k Henrietta French Beauty
49k Hayley English Beautiful
38k Hanna English Flower
35k Helena Greek Beautiful
33k Helene French Bright as the sun
31k Hugo French Intelligent
31k Hallie English PRAISE THE LORD
30k Hillary English Cheerful
29k Hadley English Famous
28k Haylee English
28k Heath English
26k Hilary English Gift of god
25k Heaven English FREEDOM
25k Harmony English Gift from god
24k Harlan English
22k Holden English In the meadow
22k Harriett English
19k Hollie English Hollie means believing trust and love to me
19k Hollis English
17k Haven English Summer
17k Hal English Hale the King
16k Humberto Mexican
15k Houston English LOVE
15k Harris English You are god himself
15k Hester Hebrew Star
15k Hailee English Gift of god
15k Hans German
14k Haleigh English Hay field
14k Hiram Hebrew
13k Halle English Heroic
11k Hank English
10k Herschel German
10k Hershel "Deer"
10k Hana Japanese Happy
10k Heriberto Spanish
10k Haylie English
9k Hassan Arabic God
9k Harriette French Ruler of the home
9k Holli English Hill
8k Hayes Irish Fire (from one of the Irish gods)
8k Hoyt English Gift of GOD
8k Hellen English Light,bright and white
7k Halie English Gift of god
7k Hettie English
7k Harlow English
7k Hezekiah Hebrew "Strenth of the Lord
7k Huey Gaelic
7k Hamza Arabic Lion
7k Hilton English Top noble person
7k Holland English Woodland
6k Harmon English
6k Haywood American
6k Hortense English
6k Hamilton English
6k Hyman Jewish
6k Hobert
6k Hailie English
6k Harlee English
6k Hadassah Hebrew "Of the myrtle tree
5k Hardy English
5k Harland English
5k Hulda
5k Heidy English Kindness
5k Hayward English Protector of nature
5k Hosea English
5k Hayleigh English
5k Henri French
5k Hakeem Arabic Wise one
5k Hendrix English Gift Of God
5k Haiden English Lucky one