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Name Origin Meaning
353k Irene English Peace
321k Isabella Spanish Beautiful
275k Isaac Hebrew Laughter
223k Ian Scottish Gift of God
208k Isaiah Hebrew God is Salvation
187k Ida English Inside moon
131k Ivan Russian Gift of god
119k Isabel Spanish Beautiful
90k Isabelle French Oath to God
80k Iris Greek Flower
74k Irma German Gift of god
68k Inez Indian (Sanskrit)
61k Israel Hebrew Wrestles with God
59k Ira Hebrew
50k Ivy English Gift of god
44k Irving Spanish Funny good friends
39k Irvin Arabic
38k Iva Xhosa Listen;hear;feel
35k Ismael Spanish Messenger of god
34k Ina English
27k Imogene English
26k Ingrid Swedish Beautiful
24k Izabella Spanish Beautiful
24k Imani Swahili Faith
24k Isiah English
22k Ila Arabic Ray of Light, Light, Earth, From the Island
22k India Indian (Sanskrit) An intelligent, Kind, pretty and caring person. Someone who cares for there friends and family and likes others who are family oriented
22k Issac Hebrew "He laughs, Laughter"
19k Isla Scottish Island
18k Ivory African Kind and beautiful
18k Ignacio Spanish
18k Ilene Irish
16k Itzel Mexican Variation of Ixchel Myan goddess of the moon
16k Irwin Irish
14k Isabell Spanish "God is my oath"
13k Isaias English Drawing
12k Iker Basque Visitation
12k Iona English
12k Ibrahim Arabic
11k Isis Egyptian Magic
11k Iliana Spanish Sun or ray of light
11k Izaiah English God is salvation
11k Ivette Spanish
10k Ione
10k Iola Welsh "Valued by the Lord"
9k Isabela English
8k Infant English
8k Isidro English Gift of god
7k Iesha Hebrew Hope and spirit
7k Imelda Mexican
7k Ike Nigerian
7k Ima Hebrew
6k Idella
6k Ivana Slavic Gift of God
6k Ivanna Hebrew God's gracious gift
6k Ines Spanish Intelligent
6k Ivonne French
6k Isai Spanish
6k Isadore Hebrew
6k Ishmael Arabic Prince of peace.
5k Ireland Irish Gift from god
5k Iman Arabic Faith
5k Isela Spanish Everyone's crush
5k Ivey English
5k Ilana Hebrew Tree
5k Ileana Greek Ileana [ileana] as a name for girls is of Norman, Hebrew and Greek origin, and the meaning of the name Ileana is "my God has answered; sun ray; tree; Trojan". Ileana is an alternate form of Aileen (Norman): Scottish variant spelling of Eileen. Ileana is also a variation of Eliana (Hebrew).
5k Immanuel Hebrew God with us
5k Iyana Xhosa God's blessings "Rain"
4k Isa Arabic Gift of god
4k Iyanna African God is Gracious
4k Isreal English
4k Inga German
4k Isha Indian (Sanskrit) One who protect
4k Izabelle English Creative
4k Isaak Russian Laughter
3k Idell English
3k Ignatius Latin Flame
3k Izayah English Cool
3k Isadora French
3k Ishaan Indian (Sanskrit) Ishaan is a Hindu name of Sanskrit origin and one of the names given to the deity Shiva (the Supreme Being within one of the major branches of Hinduism). Isana finds its roots in "Isha" which is the Sanskrit word for "lord, master" as in all powerful and all knowing. In one manifestation of the god, Shiva is often depicted as having five heads representing Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Sky which together symbolize the universe - the fifth head faces in a skyward direction. The term Ishanya-disha indicates the "northeastern" direction which is also embodied by the Isana manifestation of Shiva - representing knowledge and peace as well as prosperity and wealth. It could be said that Ishaan is the guardian of this sacred direction where the god resides. There are similar names in the Arabic and Persian languages which are said to mean God's grace and teacher, respectively
3k Isidore
3k Ilona Hungarian
3k Izabel Portuguese Human
3k Isobel Scottish Gift of God
3k Imari African Gift of god
3k Isac Hebrew "Laughter, to laugh"
3k Ismail Islamic/Muslim Good listener
3k Imran Arabic Prosperity
3k Idalia Spanish Greek city, meaning, 'i see the sun'
3k Iain Scottish God is my judge
3k Idris Arabic Born to be a King/Prince
2k Indigo Australian Color
2k Izaak "laughter"
2k Italia Italian Italy
2k Izaac Hebrew Risen to heaven
2k Ilan Hebrew Tree
2k Itzayana Spanish Gift of god
2k Isamar Spanish Grateful
2k Indiana English Land of Indians
2k Indira Indian (Sanskrit) Lover