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Name Origin Meaning
5.2m James English Legendary gift of god and gabriel
5.1m John English God is gracious.
2.6m Joseph English He will add
1.5m Jennifer English Fair One
1.2m Joshua English Love
1.0m Jessica English Gift of god
1.0m Jason English Healer
977k Jeffrey English Heavenly peace
922k Jacob English Supplanter
837k Jonathan Hebrew Gift of God
777k Justin English Perfect
688k Jack English God is Gracious
630k Jerry English Gift of god
565k Jose Spanish Wonderful,kind,and hard working
557k Janet English God is gracious
510k Joyce English Joyful
509k Julie English Underestimated
500k Jordan English To flow down
486k Joan English A French flower
482k Jean French Small
462k Joe English Gift of god
458k Julia English Youthful
453k Judith Hebrew The praise
437k Jeremy English Appointed by God
428k Jesse Hebrew Comes from the bible Jesse was the father of David, King of the Israelites. Meaning King or God's gift.
422k Jacqueline French A beautiful flower
407k Janice English Gift of God
383k Judy English Food
372k Jane English God is Gracious
353k Jamie English "One" of a Kind
348k Juan Spanish Gift of god that will grow a lot in life
315k Johnny English Beautiful creature
305k Josephine French Cloud and moon
288k Jimmy English Strong, admirable, loyal
277k Jessie English Gift of god
267k Joel English Humble
245k Jasmine English Gift of God
230k Jeffery English God is great
230k Jackson English Son of Jack
228k Jesus Hebrew Son of god
222k Jayden English Thankful
212k Joanne English Gift of god
208k Jill English Disgusting
208k Juanita Spanish God is Love & God is Mercy
206k Julian English Youthful
200k Jared Hebrew (Rose)
195k June English
191k Jay English Victory
191k Jeremiah Hebrew Exalt of God
181k Jo English Sweetheart
169k Jackie English Gift of god
167k Jon English The Sea near Albania. this name originates from Albania
163k Jeanette French God is gracious
163k Jeanne French God is gracious...fem. Form or Jean or John. Jeanne of Arc is an example of the name. However, in North Carolina my name is pronounced Jeanie by the majority if people. I have also met a couple that pronounce it Jean.
161k Jerome African American Sacred Name
157k Joann English Loved
154k Jim English
150k Johnnie Hebrew God is gracious
145k Jenna English Heaven
137k Joy English Happiness
135k Jimmie English
130k Jorge Spanish Better than trinity
127k Jennie English White wave
122k Jake English Awesome
120k Jeff English District, Traveler, and Peaceful Pledge
117k Jaime Spanish
105k Jocelyn English Gift of god
103k Joanna English God is gracious
101k Josiah Hebrew Gift of God
97k Javier Spanish New house or castle
93k Johnathan English Infinity
91k Jenny English Lovely
87k Jody English Praised
86k Jade English Life goes on
86k Jaden English "God has heard"
84k Jacquelyn French May God Protect
81k Jillian Hebrew A queen of all gifted with a special talents.
80k Jodi Hebrew "To be faithful and to have beauty"
78k Julius English Never likes
76k Jan English Gift of god
75k Janie English
71k Jaxon English God has been Gracious, he has shown favor
69k Jeannette French
65k Jonathon English Mi Gai
64k Jada English Nice
63k Jonah English Dove
63k Jace English The meaning is: the healing
60k Julio Spanish
58k Joey English Quiet
57k Josie English Means "God will add" or "May Jehovah Add". Derivative of Joann or Joanna.
56k Jordyn Hebrew A child born from holy water
56k Juliana English YOUTHFUL
53k Janelle French God is merciful.
51k Johanna German Means " God Is Gracious"
49k Jaclyn English May god protect
49k Janis English
48k Josue Spanish Hebrew
45k Jewel English Precious stone
44k Jana Arabic God's gracious gift.
44k Jasmin English Symbol of Love