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Names Starting with K

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Name Origin Meaning
1.3m Kenneth English Handsome, forthright, noble and fair
1.2m Kevin English Gift of god
988k Karen English Pure
839k Kimberly English Kind
713k Kathleen Irish Pure
637k Katherine English Pure
553k Kelly Irish Warrior
486k Kyle English Hope
452k Kathryn Greek Pure
437k Keith Celtic Great man
337k Kayla English Pure
334k Kathy English Pure
237k Katie English Pure
220k Kristen English Flower of god
214k Kim Korean Gift of god
181k Kristin English Anointed one
162k Kaitlyn Irish Pure
151k Kelsey English To me it means beautifully and strong
136k Kristina English Follower of Christ, peace maker
131k Katelyn English Pure
125k Kaylee English Kaylee means Pure
108k Kylie English Boomerang
102k Kay English Sir
101k Karl German Kind
101k Katrina German Pure
99k Kara Italian Dear
98k Kerry Irish Cod Fisherman
95k Kendra English Wise woman
92k Kendall English Beautiful
89k Karla Spanish A gift from God
85k Kurt German Wolf
84k Kristine Filipino (Philippines) Follower of christ
80k Kate English Pure
77k Kristi Hebrew "amazing"
75k Kaleb English Loyal and Faithful
75k Kelli Gaelic Warrior women
74k Krystal English Eyes
74k Kennedy English God
73k Krista Latin Follower of Christ
70k Kristy English Wonderful
69k Kent German "Border"
68k Kirk Scottish Church
62k Kristopher English
60k Kaden English Fighter
59k Kari English Pure
58k Karina Spanish Pure
57k Kaitlin Irish Pure
53k Kayden English Warrior
53k Kirsten English Christian
52k Kelley Irish Warrior
51k Kenny English Handsome
51k Kellie Irish Aggresive
50k Kelvin English Worship
48k Kiara English God's precious Gift
47k Kylee American Boomerang
44k Kasey English Irish: brave English: vigorous, alert American: best friend
42k Kai Hawaiian Ocean
41k Katharine Dutch
39k Kyla English Loving
38k Kristie American Christ
38k Kimberley English Gift of God
37k Kerri English
37k Keegan Irish Little fiery one
37k Khloe African American Sweet dreams
36k Kaiden English Handsome boy
36k Kameron English Handsome
35k Kyra Greek Princess
35k Kira Japanese Bringer of light
33k Ken Japanese Handsome
32k Keri Gaelic Dark
32k Kassandra Greek Gift
31k Kyler English Legend
30k Kayleigh Irish Goddess
30k Katelynn Vietnamese Pure
29k Keira Irish Gift from god'
29k Karin Swedish
28k Kendrick English Real strong
27k Kris English
26k Kenya African Life
25k Kristian English
25k Kailey English Keeper of the keys
24k Kali Hindu Beautiful one
24k Kiana Hawaiian Moon Goddess
24k Kingston English A great person,leader, and helper
24k King English Ruler
23k Kamryn English Gift of God, Miracle
23k Kody English Kody is a unisex English name meaning "Brave" "Prosperous" and sometimes "Cushion" ? Kody originates from "Cody". Kody has a generally calm exterior, but inside can be anxious, worried, or sad. He or she can be negative, but believes they're realistic. Kody is a beautiful name, so be lucky you have it, because I dont have a name near as awesome as Kody.
23k Kinsley English The King's Meadow
22k Keisha English God chaser
20k Keaton English Place of hawks
20k Katy English
20k Kaylie English Keeper of the Keys
20k Kiera Irish Musical Godess
20k Kiley Irish Near the church, or graceful
19k Karissa Greek Very dear
19k Kelsie English "Brave"
19k Kassidy Irish Strong and fierce and smart
18k Katlyn English Pure, Gift from God!
18k Kaylin English Fiesty
18k Kyleigh English Sweet,kind and gorgeous