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Name Origin Meaning
1.5m Linda English Beautiful
968k Lisa English God is my oath
809k Larry English Lovable
797k Laura English The bay, or laurel plant".
472k Lauren English Easily hurt
459k Lawrence English Gift
441k Lillian English A type of flower
398k Louis French Famous Warrior
379k Leslie English Holly Garden
345k Logan English Little hollow
342k Lori English She knows
335k Louise English Warrior
335k Lois English Beautiful, kind, and much much more
293k Lee English Dweller by the wood clearing
292k Leonard English
272k Luis Spanish To fight for what is given not taken.
262k Luke English Light
240k Lucas English Light
234k Lynn English Lake or water
224k Lucille English Pure stream
222k Leah Hebrew Powerful leader
209k Lorraine French The rain
200k Leo English Lion
200k Leroy French King
199k Lucy English Light
193k Liam Irish Handsome
175k Loretta English Victory
168k Laurie English
166k Leon English Lion
164k Lydia Greek Beautiful one kind kindred spirit
163k Lindsey English Linden tree by the water
161k Lloyd English King of power
156k Lillie English A person that you can trust
153k Landon English Long hill
152k Lewis English Famous Warrior
142k Lily English Flower
141k Levi Hebrew Attached
137k Lena German Brave as a lion
135k Lindsay English Lake, linden trees. Island of the lime tree
131k Lester English
109k Leona English Lioness
104k Lance English Golden Song
101k Lonnie English An amazing and empathic person
87k Lola English Sorrows
85k Lula Aztec (Nahuatl)
81k Layla Arabic Night
78k Lynda Spanish
66k Luther Latin Complete god
65k Lila English Lilac
64k Lorenzo Italian A silent fighter
63k Leonardo Italian Bold Lion
62k Lynne English A pool beneath a waterfall
58k Lyle English "Someone who lives on an island."
58k Loren English
57k Lincoln English Cool
56k Laverne Norwegian
56k Lilly English "a type of flower"
53k Leland English A very cute boy
53k Liliana Latin Cute beautiful really smart
52k Lacey English Amazing gift
52k Lora English
51k Lana English Light
46k Lottie English Free man
46k Latoya English Kind and caring
46k Laurel English Victory
45k Leigh English From the meadow
45k Leila Arabic Night
44k Lorena Spanish Love happiness winner rich
43k London English Fortress of the Moon
43k Lynette English Little bird
42k Lela English
42k Leticia Latin Happiness
42k Lucia Italian Light
41k Lowell English Wolf
41k Lane English Warrior
40k Laurence English Victory
39k Lorene English Laurel tree or Laura
39k Lizzie Hebrew Oath of God
39k Lesley English Dweller by the grey fort
37k Lucinda Spanish Light
37k Lou French
35k Lucile Latin "light"
35k Lenora English Shining light
34k Laila Arabic Night
34k Lamar Spanish Famous through out the land
32k Lukas German Light
32k Lea Hebrew A big flower in the sea
30k Latasha English
30k Luella English
30k Leilani Hawaiian Peace
30k Lionel English
30k Louie Chinese Happy
29k Leanne English A nice person
28k Lyla Arabic Island Girl, feminine of the name Lyle
28k Lorna Scottish Love
28k Leola English
27k Lara English Protection
27k Luna Latin Moon
26k Luz Spanish Light
26k Luca Italian Light