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Name Origin Meaning
4.4m Michael English Who is like God
4.1m Mary English Gift Of God
1.6m Matthew Hebrew Gift of God
1.4m Mark English Good person
1.3m Margaret English Pearl
813k Michelle English Gift from god
756k Melissa Greek Honey bee
550k Martha English Creator
548k Maria English Gift of GOd
538k Marie English "Mistress of the ocean"
452k Mildred English Gentle strength
438k Megan English Pearl
381k Madison English Gift of God
371k Marilyn English Loving others
308k Martin English Warlike. Warrior. Of or dedicated to Mars.
274k Mason English God is merciful
273k Marjorie English Nice
260k Marion English Greatness
254k Morgan Welsh Love
252k Marvin English An awsome person
249k Monica English Faith
245k Melvin English Fighter
244k Melanie English Nice
230k Marcus English Derived either from Etruscan Marce of unknown meaning (possibly from the Etruscan "mar" which means "to harvest"), or referring to the god Mars.
226k Michele Italian French version of Micheal after the archangel.
217k Mia English Mine
205k Mike English Handsome, Amazing Human,
185k Madeline French Talk tower
184k Manuel Spanish God is with us
176k Miguel Spanish Who is like god
164k Molly English Gift of god
163k Mitchell English He who is like god
160k Minnie French
155k Micheal English Cool
149k Max English Legend
145k Mario Italian Good and kind
144k Maureen Irish Little Mary
142k Marian English Honored in pathway by it's angels.
139k Marc French God of war
137k Myrtle English
137k Maurice French Mature
135k Melinda English Honeybee
135k Mabel Latin Sweet and lovely
133k Marcia English God is light
132k Mackenzie English Good looking
132k Mattie English A brave warrior
130k Marlene English Gift of friendship
119k Marissa English Of the sea
117k Milton Spanish
115k Maggie English Pearl
112k Maxine English Leader
111k Mae English
110k Miranda Latin Gift of God
108k Miriam Hebrew Gift
107k Mariah English The lord is my teacher
106k Margie English Child of light
104k Marsha English Pearl
101k Micah English Who's like God?
101k Makayla English Someone like god
95k Meghan English Pearl
94k Melody English Song
94k Marguerite French Queen
92k Maya English Water
92k Marshall English Caretaker of horses
90k Maxwell English Best man ever to set foot on earth
88k Madelyn English Tall Tower
85k Misty Hebrew
79k Monique French Adviser, alone, wise
78k Miles English Soldier
78k Mamie English Natural born mother
77k Meredith Welsh Protector of the ocean
75k Mathew English Gift of god and destroyer of evil
71k Morris English Emperor of God. Nobody is better than him.
70k Marco Italian Strong and handsome
65k Marianne French
64k Marcella Italian
62k Maryann English Warrior princess
61k Malcolm Scottish ROYALTY
60k Myra Indian (Sanskrit) Gift of God
59k Mckenzie English Born of fire
55k Muriel Celtic Bright of the sea
55k Mallory English
53k Mya English Beloved
53k Mable English Gift of god
53k Mikayla English Gift of god
50k Michaela English Who is like god
49k May English Flowers
49k Marcos English "Harvester"
48k Marisa Latin The Sea
47k Mateo Spanish Gift of god
46k Mollie English Sweet
46k Malachi Hebrew Messenger of God
46k Maude English
45k Merle German
45k Mercedes Spanish "Mary of Mercies
45k Mona Islamic/Muslim Wishing
45k Myron Greek THE FRAGRANT ONE
43k Malik Arabic King
42k Mandy English A lady Who has to be loved
42k Mindy English Gift of God