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Name Origin Meaning
1.0m Nancy English Full of Grace
899k Nicholas Greek Victory of the People
588k Nicole English Victory of the people
544k Nathan English Gift Of God
377k Noah Hebrew Rest
348k Natalie English Born on Christmas day
279k Norma Latin Amazing
265k Nathaniel Hebrew Gift of God
253k Norman English Really
157k Naomi Hebrew Pleasantness
150k Nellie English Bright, shining light, most beautiful woman
145k Nora English Light
126k Nina English Mighty Warrior
103k Neil English Champion
96k Natasha Russian Born on christmas
94k Nolan Irish Every thing to me
86k Nicolas Spanish From the Greek Nike, meaning victory
77k Nelson English Farmer
77k Nevaeh English Heaven
63k Nichole English Mommy
63k Natalia Spanish Christmas Day
60k Noel French Christmas
54k Neal English
52k Nadine French Hope
50k Nick English Likes cars
49k Nettie African
41k Nadia Arabic Hope
41k Nikki English Victory
38k Nickolas English Victory
33k Noelle French Christmas
27k Nell Greek The bright shining one
26k Nannie Hebrew
23k Nola Irish Brave girl with broad shoulders
21k Nia English Purpose
21k Noe Hebrew Kind, peaceful, calm
21k Norah English "Woman of Honor"
21k Neva Hebrew
21k Nikolas Greek Victory of people
20k Norbert German Brightness from the North
20k Nelda Celtic Champion
20k Noreen Irish Light
20k Noemi Mexican The Gift of God
19k Nathanael Hebrew "Gift of God"
19k Nathalie French Christmas
18k Nayeli Mexican I love you
18k Nyla English Winner, attainment of Desire
17k Ned Irish
17k Nova Latin New
17k Nanette French
17k Norris English
17k Nona English Ninth
16k Nicolette French
16k Nehemiah Hebrew Son of GOD
14k Nita English To plant
13k Nataly Spanish Gift of god
13k Nikita Russian Winner
12k Nigel English
11k Nasir Arabic Helper, to help
11k Nico Italian Dark angel
11k Nash African First born, leader, protector, best brother
11k Nakia Egyptian Pure faithful
10k Nathanial Hebrew Gift of God
10k Nan English Grandmother
10k Nestor Spanish Love and peace
9k Natalee Italian
9k Nicky English
9k Noble English Nobel
8k Newton English
8k Nicola English God's gift
8k Nylah English Champion
8k Napoleon Italian Lion of the field
7k Niko English
7k Niki Greek Victory
7k Nedra English Awareness
7k Nikole Native American Victory of the people
7k Nikolai Russian
7k Nelly English Zest
7k Noelia Spanish God is a women
6k Nanci Spanish
6k Nathaly Spanish
6k Nicki English Child of god
6k Nannette French Full of grace
6k Noor Arabic Light
6k Natalya Russian "Birthday" or "Birth of Christ"
6k Nila English Moon
6k Nevin Scottish Faith
6k Nathen English Gift of God
6k Normand
6k Novella German New
6k Noa Hebrew Movement or motion
6k Nicolle Greek
6k Nelle French
5k Nathalia Spanish Beauty
5k Nichelle Hebrew
5k Norine Hindi Honor
5k Nya African Cute
5k Nyasia African Global
5k Nikhil Indian (Sanskrit) Gift of god
5k Nada Arabic Morning dew
5k Nena Spanish