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Names Starting with O

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Name Origin Meaning
435k Olivia English Olive tree
200k Oscar Spanish Deer Friend
178k Owen English Young warrior
154k Oliver English Gift of God
96k Omar Arabic Gift of god
70k Opal Indian (Sanskrit)
62k Olga Russian Holy
59k Otis English Parent of humanity
57k Ollie English Olive tree
55k Olive English
47k Orlando Italian Famous throughout the land
45k Ora Greek
35k Orville English
32k Otto German
30k Ola Yoruba Highness and grace
19k Odell Irish Godly
18k Odessa Russian
18k Ophelia Greek Ophelia is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "help".
16k Octavia Egyptian
15k Orion Greek Rising in the sky ,A person who has a shiny soul
13k Osvaldo Spanish God
10k Octavio Mexican
10k Oma Arabic Aunt
9k Olin Norwegian
9k Omari English
9k Oakley English Strength and wisdom
8k Oren Hebrew Ash ,pine tree, young warrior.
8k Omer Islamic/Muslim Seseme seed
8k Ofelia Spanish Help
8k Odis English
8k Orval
8k Ona Hebrew Graceful
8k Otha English Means wealth
7k Olen English Holy
7k Ocie Indian (Sanskrit)
6k Odin Norwegian One
6k Orpha Hebrew The back of your neck
6k Oralia Spanish Golden
6k Orin English Orin means "light; pale; pine tree; fair, pale"
6k Oswaldo Spanish
5k Orrin
5k Oleta
5k Ouida French
5k Ossie English
5k Ottis Scottish
4k Obie English
4k Oran Irish
4k Odie Hawaiian
4k Oswald German
4k Omarion English Intelligent
4k Obed Hebrew God worshipper
3k Otho German
3k Oral
3k Ocean Eritrea I love you
3k Odalys
3k Oneal
3k Octavius Italian
3k Olympia Greek
3k Ozzie English
3k Oriana English Gift of God
3k Osbaldo Spanish
3k Odette French Wealth
3k Ozell Hebrew Divine strength
3k Omega
3k Osiris Egyptian
3k Odalis Spanish Beatufiul and unique girl
3k Olan English
3k Odelia English I will praise God
2k Olaf Scandinavian Love of life
2k Osman Turkish I am amazing and I am courageous
2k Ozella English
2k Oneida
2k Olyvia English
2k Ozie Mexican
2k Osie Native American Ghost
2k Osiel Spanish
2k Orie English My Light
2k Orland English
2k Onie American
2k Ole Danish
2k Orvil
2k Olevia Spanish
2k Oris English
2k Ottie English
2k Osmar German Glory Of God
2k Ova
2k Oliva African
2k Orson French Bear cub in Irish
2k Onyx English A dark, dusky gemstone
2k Om Indian (Sanskrit) God of earth
2k Onnie Jamaican Clairvoyance
2k Oneil English
2k Oziel Spanish Might of god
2k Obadiah Hebrew
2k Oda Norwegian Great Field, Legacy.
2k Osborne English Bear God
2k Otilia Spanish
2k Olivier French Olive tree
2k Orlin Slavic