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Names Starting with Q

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Name Origin Meaning
60k Quinn Irish Wise one
40k Quentin English The Fifth
29k Quinton English Born fith
28k Quincy English
15k Queen English A person who rules a country of a pi rod of time
14k Quintin African The fifth born son also in 100 bce roman general. Oldest known use in writing
7k Quinten English
4k Quiana Arabic
4k Queenie English
3k Quenton Arabic Jesus
3k Quinlan Irish
3k Qiana English
2k Quincey Intelligence
2k Quin English Gift of god
2k Quran Arabic
2k Quanisha African Beautiful
1k Quadir Arabic
1k Quan Vietnamese Blessed by God
1k Quintina Spanish The fifth child born a girl
1k Quade Latin Fourth born
876 Quianna English
832 Qasim Arabic Generous
797 Quintavious African American
739 Quaid English Leader in Urdu language
723 Quang Vietnamese The Sun
721 Quenten Mystical knowledge
687 Quanesha African
672 Quashawn English
636 Queena Chinese Female ruler
635 Quint English
619 Quintez English
612 Quantez African
557 Quetzalli Aztec (Nahuatl) My little princess
547 Quanita English
543 Quince Greek Brave and Fearless
526 Quintella Spanish
509 Quest Hebrew "One who seeks adventure."
502 Quanda English
491 Quantavious English
488 Quoc Vietnamese "Quoc" means the country
457 Quamir
445 Quintrell
437 Quindarius English
431 Quavon English Gift of god
428 Quitman English
412 Quintus Irish The fifth-born.
409 Quinesha African JESUS CHRIST
402 Quantrell
398 Quintessa English
396 Quintavius Roman
384 Quinlyn Irish
376 Quintarius English Brave and handsome. Family warrior
375 Quinnton
373 Quay Scottish Dock
373 Quartez English Warer
373 Quinetta
370 Quyen Vietnamese "Dove"
367 Quadarius English
355 Quintyn
354 Quaneisha African
352 Qadir Indian (Sanskrit)
347 Quamaine African
327 Quron
322 Quinley English
312 Quiara English
311 Quinci English Gentel as a lion
303 Quintan
300 Quante African
294 Quintel
290 Quetzaly Spanish Beautiful, Bird
288 Quinisha
287 Quillan
274 Quynh Vietnamese Night Blooming Flower
272 Quantavius African American
260 Quana Hawaiian Light
254 Quincee English
253 Quincie English Estate of fifth son
246 Quandarius
244 Quetzali Aztec (Nahuatl)
242 Quinta English
232 Qamar Arabic Gift of God
226 Quanah Native American Fragrance (Comanche)
226 Quinnlyn English Full love
225 Quantina English
222 Quirino Italian
218 Qais Arabic Love
214 Quantae African
211 Quandra English
207 Quentyn English
206 Quintasia Spanish
204 Quavion English
202 Quintana Mexican
199 Quinlin English
191 Quenisha English Gift from God
189 Quinette English UNIQUE, STRONG, LOVING
187 Quadre
187 Quorra English Heart
186 Quashaun
185 Quaneshia
184 Quanasia Gift of god