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Name Origin Meaning
4.8m Robert English Brilliant
2.6m Richard English King
1.1m Ronald English THE KING
948k Ryan English Little King
826k Ruth Hebrew Ruthless or mercy
775k Raymond English Counsellor
749k Rebecca Hebrew Bound
565k Rachel Hebrew Little lamb
483k Rose English Flower
441k Roger English A German king
414k Ralph English Leader of wolves (roughly)
407k Roy Gaelic King
355k Russell English Red Haired
351k Ruby English Diamond
334k Robin English Power boy
332k Randy English From Randall, variation of Randolph, from the Norse Randwulf (Wolf Shield)
284k Rita English Pearl
246k Rodney English
222k Ricky English Strong and powerful
209k Rhonda English Grand
207k Ray English Light
198k Randall English Shield Wolf
194k Riley English Derived from the Latin phrase "Sunt Camertem Heroicis" It roughly means: one who is heroic
189k Ronnie English Gift is god
186k Renee French Reborn
178k Regina Latin Queen
175k Rosa Spanish Rose
172k Roberta English Gift of light
156k Rosemary English A combination of the names Rose and Mary. Also a reference to the herb rosemary. Means "Dew of the sea".
140k Ricardo Spanish Strong King
112k Ruben Hebrew Lion
111k Reginald English Worthy And Wealthy
109k Roberto Portuguese Famed
97k Roland English
84k Raul Spanish Wolf
82k Rachael Hebrew FEMALE LAMB
82k Rick English King Nobody Number One
81k Ross Scottish "God Saves"
80k Rosie English Little rose
78k Rafael Spanish Doctor(raf, rofe, doctor in Hebrew) from the god(el, god in Hebrew), it's mean a doctor from the god, very good and professional doctor
75k Ramon Spanish Lover of god
73k Rebekah Hebrew Captivating and wife of issac
71k Rosalie French
71k Rene French 'He was born again' in french. (In intension of Jesus). Reborn, Renew, Rename, Revived, Regenerated etc... You have to write it always Rene and no Rene.
68k Ramona Spanish Wise protector, wise defender, guards wisely, council
65k Roman Latin Prince
63k Robyn German Famed, bright, shining
62k Rickey English Powerful ruler or strong ruler
58k Roxanne Persian/Iranian Dawn
58k Rex English King
56k Reagan Irish Little king
53k Rudolph English Is the intervention of God through the success or happiness of a human being
53k Rylee English Beautiful
51k Rosemarie English Flower of the sea
49k Randolph English
49k Rudy English
49k Raquel Spanish Cute
47k Reese Welsh Gift from God
47k Rochelle French Little Rock
47k Roderick English
43k Robbie English Fame, Star, Crown
43k Ryder English Best person alive
42k Raven English Darkness
39k Rena Hebrew Joyous melody
38k Roosevelt English
36k Ron English Happiness
36k Rufus Scottish The golden heart
35k Reba English
35k Ronda Welsh
34k Rachelle French Ewe
33k Rodolfo Spanish
33k Reid English Scottish
32k Rory Gaelic Red king
32k Rowan English Amazing
31k Rylan English Rye land
31k Reed English Red-Headed
30k Randi Norwegian
30k Reuben Hebrew Behold a son
29k Royce English GOD
29k Randal English
28k Rosetta English
27k Rocco Italian Rest in Italian and Ancient Germanic
26k Rocky English Consisting of full of rock or rocks
26k Rosalind English Gentle horse
26k Rhoda Greek Gift of God Almighty
24k Ramiro Spanish
24k Rogelio Spanish A NOBLE WARRIOR
23k Ryleigh English "Island meadow"
23k Rodrigo Spanish Leader or commander
23k Rolando English
23k River English Water, Calm
23k Rae English Gift of the gods
22k Ryker German Superior strength
22k Roscoe
21k Rodger
21k Reece English Gift of love
21k Rosalyn Hebrew Gift God
21k Ruthie English Gift of god
20k Reynaldo Spanish
19k Raphael Hebrew God has healed