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Name Origin Meaning
2.3m Thomas English Twin
1.1m Timothy Greek Honoring God
601k Tyler English Little King
519k Terry English Laughing person
428k Taylor English Nice and kid
414k Teresa Spanish Harvester
405k Theresa English Gift of god
337k Tiffany English GOD MANIFAST
333k Tammy Hebrew Gift from god
312k Tracy English Brave
303k Travis English To traverse or cross
292k Tina English River
282k Todd English "The Fox", as in, as sly as
251k Tony English Angel sent form above
237k Theodore Greek Gift from God
226k Thelma Hebrew Will of God
213k Troy English Water soldier
179k Tommy English Gift of god
174k Tara Irish Star
157k Trevor English Gift of god
147k Terri English
140k Tom English The fall of christ
131k Tamara Hebrew Palm tree
121k Tonya Russian Praiseworthy
117k Tanya Russian Fairy Princess
115k Tristan English Sorrowful
101k Toni English Praiseworthy
95k Tracey English Love
93k Tanner English Awesome
83k Tim English Honoring God.
79k Tyrone English Powerful
79k Trinity English Gift from God
75k Ted English
72k Terrence English "Gift of god"
69k Terrance English Tender, good, gracious.
58k Tabitha English Gazelle
56k Trenton English
52k Traci English
52k Tommie English
50k Trent English A person that is sweet and not fake Trent also means gift of god
47k Tessa English Harvester
45k Ty American Modern ruler Ireland sacred place
44k Teri English
42k Tyson American Awesome
41k Toby English Good
40k Tricia English
40k Trisha Indian (Sanskrit) Thirst
40k Tucker English
38k Tami Russian
37k Trey Greek Third
37k Terrell English
36k Tori English Bird
36k Tasha English Means wolf
36k Tammie English
35k Therese French A name of a saint
34k Terence English
34k Teddy English Wealthy guardian
33k Tatiana Russian Fairy princess
33k Tia Greek Princess
33k Tracie Celtic Courageous
32k Trina English
28k Tania English Fairy queen
28k Tomas Spanish Twin
26k Tiana Greek Princess
26k Timmy English God's honor or God fearing
26k Talia Hebrew "Dew from Heaven"
26k Taryn Irish Thunder
25k Trudy Jamaican Strong
24k Teagan Irish "Little poet"
24k Tristen English Charming
24k Tatum English Brings joy
24k Thaddeus English Heart
23k Tiara English The beauty of the nature (secret for success)
23k Tamika African American Child of god
22k Tonia English Waterfalls
20k Terrie
19k Tabatha English
19k Titus Greek Gift of god
19k Tobias English Goodness of God
19k Tanisha Indian (Sanskrit) Gift of god
18k Tate English Cheerful
16k Thurman English
15k Tyrell English
15k Truman English
15k Tiffani English Beautiful
15k Terra Greek Earth
15k Tierra English MEANS BOSS
15k Theo Greek Theo is short for Theodore which comes from the Greek name meaning god-given.
15k Tillie
15k Tyree English
14k Tyra English Of Tyr; God of War
14k Tamera Hebrew Derived from the biblical name 'tamar' which means 'palm tree'
14k Tammi Hebrew
14k Tamra Hebrew Tree
14k Tess English Awesome
14k Trevon English
13k Tayler English
13k Thalia Greek BLOSSOM
13k Tameka Arabic The meaning of Tameka is "Twin".The name Tameka is of Arabic origin, and is used mostly in English speaking countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world.
13k Theron African Dutch (Afrikaans) Strong willed and determined