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Names Starting with U

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Name Origin Meaning
19k Unknown English
17k Ulysses Greek
16k Uriel Hebrew "God is my light"
15k Ursula Scandinavian She bear
10k Ulises Spanish
9k Uriah English God of light
8k Una Gaelic Ambitious, talented,creative
8k Unique English Special
3k Urijah God is my light
3k Urban Slavic
2k Ubaldo Mexican Gift of god
2k Umar Arabic Life, Age
2k Uziel Hebrew Gift of god
2k Ula Polish
1k Ulyses Hindi
1k Uma Indian (Sanskrit) Nation
1k Ulisses
1k Ulices Spanish
1k Usman Arabic Golden pen
984 Uri Hebrew
983 Umberto Italian
885 Usher Hebrew
747 Urbano Spanish
633 Undra English Loving, godly. loyal. faithful, one of a kind man
623 Udell
622 Uvaldo Spanish
599 Uzziah English
580 Unnamed English "not having a name or identified by name : not named a newly discovered and unnamed species received their information from an unnamed informant"
578 Uchenna Igbo The will of God
573 Ura Japanese Ocean
503 Ulysee
488 Uniqua English Only one
484 Unity Xhosa
484 Uzziel Hebrew
463 Ulysess
454 Ulric English Power of the wolf
447 Umair Arabic Intelligent
435 Uzair Arabic Prophet
407 Ural Turkish
398 Ulrich German Prosperity and power
397 Ulysees
389 Uyen Vietnamese Unbreakable
385 Uriyah Hebrew God is my light
364 Ulanda African "the Guide" fro the name Uland
355 Utah German
330 Unice African Dutch (Afrikaans)
325 Umer English
302 Ugo Nigerian "GOD'S 'EAGLE"
265 Urian English From heaven
256 Ulis Hebrew
256 Undrea
249 Ugochukwu African
248 Ulani Hawaiian Cheerful
246 Urvi Sanskrit Earth
240 Ulysse English
234 Usiel Hebrew
228 Uldine
214 Urias Hebrew
207 Urania Greek The First One
189 Ulyssa
185 Ugonna African Pride of the father
179 Uday Indian (Sanskrit) Sunrise
176 Uva English
176 Ulonda
172 Uthman Arabic
171 Usama Arabic Lion
155 Ulus
150 Uzma Arabic Greatest
150 Upton English
149 Uchechukwu Igbo God's will
147 Usha Indian (Sanskrit) Usha means Dawn/ the morning glory/ the celestial beauty. Veda have dedicated hundreds of verses in praise of morning glory. Dawn is called goddess Usha (????; usas) who expels the darkness. "Like a youthful maiden, Usha- (????; usas), shines brightly forth, Stirring to motion every living creature. The divine fire was kindled for the use of men; Dawn created light, driving away the dark." Rig Vedas. Beauty ever has been associated with the female. We may live thousand years, but will never see the same "Usha" again. Every morning she arrives in most vibrant colors and new attire. No room for boredom or burn-out. You see, infatuated by the indispensable beauty of Dawn, sun - the superpower rises.
146 Umaiza Arabic Beautiful & Brightness
143 Ulyess
141 Urie Hebrew My light
134 Ulys French
134 Ulice English
126 Uzoma Igbo The Good Road
125 Uziah Awesome
123 Unika Hindu
113 Ustin
113 Ulyana Russian Royalty within queens
109 Umeka Japanese
106 Ugochi Igbo Crown of God
105 Undray
103 Uno Spanish One
102 Ulas Turkish
<100 Uilani Hawaiian
<100 Uchechi Igbo God's will
<100 Undine Latin Little wave; Water spirit
<100 Ursala Russian
<100 Unkown
<100 Usbaldo Mexican Outgoing, person who usual do.
<100 Ulmer German
<100 Ukiah Hebrew Deep valley, dark valley
<100 Ulrick
<100 Unita African
<100 Ulah Hebrew Sea jewlery
<100 Uel Hebrew Will of God
<100 Ulla Scandinavian Jewell of the sea Will and determination
<100 Urho