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Names Starting with V

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Name Origin Meaning
650k Virginia American Fair Maiden
488k Victoria Latin Victory
339k Vincent Latin Victory
317k Victor Latin Victory
258k Valerie English Brave
254k Vanessa English Butterfly
218k Veronica Latin True image
207k Vivian Roman Life
154k Vicki English Women of victory
147k Vernon American God
139k Vera Russian Love to God
137k Violet English Flower
132k Viola English Flower
110k Vickie English Victory
87k Velma English
73k Virgil Latin Vigil, Vigilant, or Vigilance
69k Verna English
65k Valeria Spanish Independant and perfect
54k Vicky English Good
33k Valentina Italian Love
29k Van Vietnamese Heaven Royalty Precious
25k Vance English
22k Virgie English
21k Vaughn English Small, junior, strong
21k Viviana Spanish "The little one"
19k Vicente Spanish
18k Valarie English Soul Healer Faerie (Queen of Faeries)
14k Vito Italian Life
14k Vivienne French Life
12k Vern English
12k Vince English Victorius
11k Veda Indian (Sanskrit) Knowledge
11k Valencia Latin Healthy and Strong
11k Vida Spanish Life
11k Vada English Famous ruler
10k Vernell English "Arbor tree"
10k Vonda English
9k Valentin Latin Valentin is a male given name meaning "strong, healthy". It comes from the Latin name Valentinus
9k Venus English The Fairest
8k Vesta Polish
8k Vernice Welsh Victory
8k Verda Arabic Rose
8k Valentine Latin Love
8k Vincenzo Italian
8k Velda Scandinavian
7k Valentino Italian
7k Valorie American Strong -from the word Valor
7k Val Swedish
7k Verne
7k Vernie
6k Vikki English
6k Valery Latin Brave
6k Vanesa Slavic Good
6k Vivien English
6k Verla English
6k Vickey English Star
6k Violeta Mexican Violet
6k Venessa English Butterfly
6k Venita Latin
5k Von English Young
5k Vladimir Russian Vladimir can be translated in two ways : Ruler of the world or master of peace. Because the root "vlad" means to be master of. Because "mir" means usually Peace, but in some cases World.
5k Vina Kurdish Gift from God
5k Vilma Filipino (Philippines) Godess
5k Vergie English
4k Violette Latin The gift of beauty
4k Vita Italian Life
4k Velva Hebrew
4k Verona Italian Truth
4k Verlin Native American
4k Vonnie English Brave, victory bringer
4k Viridiana Mexican Green, verdant
4k Vienna English Gift of god
4k Vernita French Strong
4k Vidal Latin
4k Vinnie English Brother Of Mine
4k Vinson
4k Vincenza Italian
4k Viva Hindi
3k Verdell
3k Vianey Spanish Life
3k Vallie English
3k Vester
3k Vannessa English
3k Vivianna
3k Vihaan Indian (Sanskrit) First ray of sun
3k Vernetta English Gift of God and loves money
3k Veronika Greek Gift of God
3k Velvet English Fabric
3k Venice English
3k Verdie
3k Vena Italian Bright as a flower
3k Velia Italian Hidden, Veiled or Concealed
3k Verl English
3k Vincente English
3k Versie French
3k Vania Hebrew Butterfly
2k Verlie English
2k Viktor Latin Winner
2k Varun Indian (Sanskrit) Infinite
2k Verle American