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Name Origin Meaning
4.1m William English Helmeted Protector
624k Walter German GIFT OF GOD
595k Willie English
354k Wayne English An occupational surname for a cartwright, Old English waegen ("wagon").
282k Wanda Polish Wanderer
262k Wendy English Adorable
215k Wesley English Leader of the people.
177k Warren English Singing
148k Wyatt English Strong and kind
141k Wilma English Warrior
101k Whitney English White Island
82k Wallace Scottish
78k Willard German
69k Wade English Jesus is the best
57k Wilbur African
54k Wendell English Seventh child
53k Willis English
46k Wilson English Gift of God
45k Will English A beautiful human being
44k Winifred English Friend of peace
43k Weston English A town in the west or a western settlement
40k Wilbert English
39k Woodrow English
29k Wilfred English Peace
28k Willow English A very speacil tree
27k Winston English Winner, winner of men, wins, victorious
26k Willa English Friend forever
24k Walker English Never come last
24k Winnie English He has won them
20k Waylon German
17k Wiley English The artful dodger, cunning
16k Wilmer Spanish The God of the Heavens
15k Ward English
14k Wendi English
14k Weldon German
13k Wilda Spanish Wild
12k Wilhelmina Dutch Protector/protection
11k Winona Native American First born
10k Winfred African "Friend of Peace" from the Anglo-Saxon wine "friend" and frith "peace".
10k Wilford English
10k Wilburn English
9k Wilfredo Spanish
9k Winter English Gift of god
9k Wilton English
8k Warner English
7k Westley English
7k Wilber
6k Whitley English
6k Williams English From the White Hills
6k Waldo English
6k Walton English
5k Wylie English
5k Winfield English
5k Wren English Little songbird
5k Wally
5k Windy English
5k Waymon
5k Winnifred English
5k Wynter English Being born in winter
5k Wes
5k Winford German
4k Westin English
4k Webster Scottish Weaver
4k Wardell English
4k Woody English
4k Willian English Warrior
4k Waverly English
4k Watson English
4k Willia
4k Wayland English
4k Willy German
4k Wynona Native American
3k Willam English My crush
3k Werner German
3k Wyman
3k Windell
3k Willene
3k Wynn Irish
3k Wayman German
3k West English Going to the west
3k Wm
3k Wellington English
3k Welton Hebrew
3k Washington English
3k Wanita English
2k Waneta American
2k Wilder English Wanderer
2k Wendall
2k Willem Dutch Man of God
2k Walt American
2k Woodie New Zealand
2k Wendie Welsh Friend
2k Wolfgang German
2k Willette American
2k Wendel Filipino (Philippines) Gift Of God
2k Worth English
2k Wells English Gift of heaven
2k Wayde
2k Winton English Handsome loving caring and kind
2k Willetta