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Names Starting with X

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Name Origin Meaning
131k Xavier English New House
25k Xander Greek Defender of the people
24k Ximena Spanish Enjoys every little thing
8k Xiomara Spanish Gift or god
7k Xzavier African Strong spreading happiness
5k Xochitl Aztec (Nahuatl) Aztec Goddess of Flowers and Fertility
2k Xenia Greek Hospitality
2k Xitlali Aztec (Nahuatl) Xitlali means "star" in aztec.
2k Xavion Arabic Spiritual Fighter
2k Xena English
2k Xavi English
2k Xitlaly Aztec (Nahuatl) Star
1k Xochilt Aztec (Nahuatl) Princess of the flowers
1k Xavian Arabic
1k Xavior English
1k Xaiver English
939 Xzavion English Place of paradise
785 Xavien English SMART,HAPPY,loyal and,kind
747 Xandria English
717 Xaiden English
638 Xaviera Spanish House on fire
631 Xaria Celtic Gift of Love
607 Xochil Aztec (Nahuatl) Flower
561 Xia Chinese Summer
551 Xaviar Spanish
540 Xavia English Love
492 Xyla Greek One who shines
475 Xzander English A best friend
473 Xayden English God's Great Gift
466 Xandra Spanish
425 Xion Japanese "tide"
414 Xzavior English Obedience
352 Xoe English Hugs and kisses
331 Xylia Greek From the woods
330 Xadrian English
316 Xzavian Spanish
314 Xian Chinese A worthy person.An able and virtuous person
312 Xane English
308 Xitlalli Aztec (Nahuatl) Star and aztec princess
286 Xanthe Greek Gold or fair hair
283 Xitlalic Spanish Star
282 Xiana Spanish Fairy of the forest
271 Xayvion English Artist
260 Xuan Vietnamese
255 Xiara Arabic Gift of God. Authentic, amazing and beautiful lady. Xiara's name was derived from the word lovely
255 Xzayvier
249 Xaden American Musical and outgoing
237 Xan Chinese "Light"
222 Xoey English Life in Greek
214 Xin Chinese Creative; new
212 Xylina Greek
198 Xzayvion English Gift of me
194 Xavius Spanish
186 Ximenna Mexican
181 Xzavien African
178 Xerxes Persian/Iranian
176 Xiong Chinese A Chinese surname
174 Xara English Princess
165 Xyler English First,Only and Last
165 Xianna English God's One or Blessed One
164 Xela Native American A Quiche Mayan name from the area surrounding Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Depending on the source, it means "caldera lake under the volcanoes", or " my sacred mountain homeland".
150 Xareni Mexican Princess Of The Woods
149 Xitlally Aztec (Nahuatl)
147 Xaivier
140 Xavyer
139 Xue
137 Xeng
136 Xylon Greek Forest
134 Xai Chinese Popularity, Origin
127 Xxavier Hebrew
126 Xariah English
118 Xee
117 Xachary English
116 Xoie Greek Life
114 Xhaiden American A beam of cleansing light
110 Xylah African
109 Xana Spanish Beautiful flower
100 Xochilth Mexican
<100 Xinyi Chinese
<100 Xiamara Spanish QUEEN
<100 Xavious English
<100 Xolani Xhosa Be peaceful / be at peace
<100 Xcaret English Maya queen
<100 Xzaviar
<100 Xzavia African
<100 Xabi English Sword
<100 Xyon African
<100 Xzaiver
<100 Xayla English
<100 Xaniyah English Princess
<100 Xzandria
<100 Xayne Hebrew Gift from god
<100 Xzaria English
<100 Xsavier English The son of the almighty
<100 Xiao Chinese Little/Small
<100 Xayvier
<100 Xandrea English
<100 Xylan African The original
<100 Xaidyn Hebrew
<100 Xiomar Spanish