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Names Starting with Y

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Name Origin Meaning
156k Yvonne French Beauty
113k Yolanda English Violet Flower
63k Yvette French God is merciful
39k Yesenia Mexican Reference to virgin mary
20k Yasmin Arabic A jasmine flower
12k Yasmine Arabic Name of a flower
12k Yadira Spanish
10k Yahir Spanish Cool
9k Yaretzi Aztec (Nahuatl) You will always be loved
8k Yazmin Arabic Jasmine Flower
8k Yareli Spanish A gift to all people
7k Yosef Hebrew
7k Yessenia Mexican Beautiful Flower
7k Yaritza Portuguese Water lady
7k Yusuf Arabic God increases in piety, knowledge and power
7k Yael Hebrew 1. Ibex / a woman from the bible
6k Yoselin Spanish Nice, polite and pretty
6k Yuliana Spanish Gift of God
5k Yajaira Spanish Yahaira
5k Yehuda Hebrew God
5k Yasmeen Arabic Jasmine Flower
5k Yisroel Hebrew
5k Yahaira Spanish
5k Yousef Arabic "Smarter than most"
4k Yuri Japanese Lily
4k Yamileth Mexican Beautiful
4k Yaakov Hebrew Heel
4k Yamilet Spanish Kind,beautiful
4k Yair Hebrew Light
4k Yolonda English
4k Yetta Hebrew Ruler
4k Yitzchok Hebrew Luaghter
4k Yessica Spanish
4k Yara Arabic Falling in love
4k Yulissa Spanish Pearl of shell
3k Yandel Puerto Rican Powerful
3k Yoel English
3k Yanira Spanish Gift of god
3k Yarely Mexican Light of god
3k Yancy English
3k Yaneli Spanish Leader used by God
3k Young English Youth forever and beautiful
3k Youssef Arabic God adds
3k Yusef Arabic
2k Yuridia Spanish
2k Yadiel Spanish "praise of God"
2k Yahya Arabic It means something like a lively person
2k Yazmine Arabic Jazmine flower
2k Yesica Spanish Jessica
2k Yash Indian (Sanskrit) Success
2k Yakov
2k Yaretzy Aztec (Nahuatl) Always loved
2k Yonatan Hebrew "Gift from god"
2k Yanet African God is gracious
2k Yaseen Arabic
2k Yana Russian Vehicle
2k Yasir Arabic Person
2k Yulisa Spanish
2k Yocheved Hebrew
2k Yovani Spanish King
2k Yasin Arabic O human being, or O Muhammad.
2k Yehoshua Hebrew Shua means salvation. Yehoshua is the real and most loved name of Jesus Christ. His heavenly Father named Him Yehoshua.
2k Yolande French In French the meaning of the name Yolande is Violet Flower, and also Strong.
2k Yoselyn English
2k Ysabel English
2k Yehudis Hebrew
2k Ysabella Spanish
2k Yeshua Hebrew Name of God
2k Yancey Native American
1k Yuna Korean Summoner.
1k Yechiel
1k Yanely Spanish Caring
1k Yale Turkish
1k Yamil Arabic
1k Ysidro English
1k Yoana Bulgarian Gift of god
1k Yariel Spanish Lion of God
1k Yaquelin Spanish
1k Yuki Japanese Snow
1k Yoshiko Japanese
1k Yadhira Hebrew Friend
1k Yusra Arabic Ease, comfort, blessedness
1k Yamile Arabic Beautiful
1k Yecenia English
1k Yonathan African
1k Yamilex Puerto Rican
1k Yoshio English
1k Yousif Arabic Sword.
1k Yitty
1k Yvonna French
1k Yulianna English
1k Yves French
1k Yazan Arabic Courage
1k Yulanda English
1k Yalonda Hebrew
1k Yenifer English A gift of god
1k Yelena Russian
1k Yousuf Arabic Beautiful
1k Yashica Japanese Success
1k Yitzchak