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Name Origin Meaning
533k Zachary English Weapon
122k Zoe Greek Life
77k Zoey English Life
46k Zane English God is gracious
32k Zion Hebrew The beautiful city of God
30k Zackary Scottish
29k Zachery American Gift from God
27k Zachariah English Beautiful prince
20k Zander English Love of my life
17k Zackery English The Lord recalled
17k Zelma Puerto Rican
17k Zayden English Little fire
13k Zelda Russian Cherish one
12k Zella American
10k Zara Arabic Princess
9k Zoie English Life
9k Zechariah Hebrew God remembers
9k Zariah African
9k Zaria African Princess
8k Zack English Mysterious
8k Zora Slavic Dawn
7k Zola Xhosa Tranquil
7k Zuri Swahili Beautiful
7k Zayne Arabic God
7k Zaiden English
6k Zaire African
5k Zakary Hebrew
5k Zena Arabic Precious
5k Zahra Arabic Flower
5k Zeke English "Gift of god"
5k Zavier Hebrew
5k Zainab Arabic Flower
5k Zina Arabic Passion
5k Zaniyah English Forever & always
4k Zona Greek Gift of God
4k Zula African
4k Zenobia Greek POWER OF ZEUS
4k Zaid Arabic Smart
4k Zariyah English Queen
4k Zaira Gaelic Blossoming rosebud
4k Zandra Swedish Defender of mankind
4k Zulema Spanish
3k Zayn Arabic Grace of God
3k Zaida Spanish Lucky or prosperous
3k Zev Hebrew Wolf
3k Zyon English Untamed beauty
3k Zakiya Arabic Pure, intelligent, beautiful
3k Zada Arabic Forest Guardian
3k Zita Italian Little girl
3k Zaniya American Always And Forever
3k Zyaire African A beautiful young man thats funny and sweet
3k Zoya Islamic/Muslim Gift of God
3k Zeb English
3k Zephaniah Hebrew
3k Zadie Hebrew A variation of Sadie Meaning: Princess
3k Zavion American Perfect cross
3k Zenaida English Gift of God
2k Zahir Arabic Light in a place of darkness, hope, and companionship
2k Zakaria Arabic Purified
2k Zaylee Australian Flower
2k Zach Hebrew Gift of Greek Gods
2k Zayd Arabic "Generous"
2k Zahara Arabic Arabic: shinning light Hebrew:shinning flower Or could maybe be princess
2k Zhane African Fairy
2k Zamir Hawaiian Brave , strong
2k Zana Albanian Love
2k Zia Arabic Wise
2k Zipporah Hebrew Female bird
2k Zoraida Arabic Eloquent
2k Zetta Greek Rose
2k Zaina Arabic Beautiful
2k Zebulon Hebrew
2k Zaden English Another form of Aiden meaning "Fiery"
2k Zayla English Princess, Dark haired
2k Zoee Irish Life
2k Zoila Spanish
2k Zarah Arabic
2k Zacharias Hebrew God remembers
2k Zuriel Hebrew Pure heart
2k Zakia Arabic Purity
2k Zakiyah Arabic
2k Zacharia English
2k Zulma Arabic Full of life
2k Zayda English
2k Zenia Greek Friendly
2k Zephyr Greek West wind
2k Zacchaeus Hebrew
2k Zendaya African Give thanks
1k Zaynab Arabic Fragrant Flower
1k Zettie English
1k Ziva Hebrew Brilliance, radiance light
1k Zaine Hebrew
1k Zen Japanese From war to Peace
1k Zakariya Arabic The best of them all
1k Zinnia English A type of flower
1k Zak English God remembers
1k Zofia Polish Wisdom
1k Zayra Spanish An Angel
1k Zariya Arabic The one who praises god and his creatures