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Name Origin Meaning
2.4m Charles English Warrior
2.0m Christopher English Bearer of Christ
825k Carol English Song of Joy
712k Cynthia Greek GODDESS OF THE MOON
664k Catherine English Pure
587k Christine English Follower of Christ
557k Carolyn English Strong and steady
507k Carl German Those of a provider
479k Christina English Follower of Christ
447k Christian English Follower of Christ
440k Cheryl English Beloved
376k Charlotte French Beautiful
332k Crystal English Ice
312k Cameron Scottish Epic
305k Clarence English Clarence meaning "Bright one, Illuminated one, Shining one." The name Clarence attracts humility, comradeship, and shrewdness. The name Clarence comes from English, Latin, Sweden, and Scandinavian. One of Clarence nicknames is Lars. Lars is meaning "crowned with laurel". The name Lars attracts quickness, compassion, and humor. Other origins: German and Norwegian.
300k Craig Scottish Gift of god
294k Carlos Spanish Free man
291k Caleb Hebrew Brave
290k Cody English Helpful
284k Clara Latin Bright
280k Courtney English Short nose
273k Connie English Amazing and sweet
267k Carrie English Gift from god
261k Curtis French Courteous
257k Cindy English Bringer of light
241k Chad English Battle warrior
233k Caroline English Beautiful Woman
217k Connor Irish Lover of dogs
217k Chloe English Green Shoot
207k Calvin English Super, Extraordinary
199k Charlie English Free man
193k Claire French Clear and bright
191k Corey English God of fortnite
189k Clifford English One who fords a cliff. A cliff dweller.
188k Casey Gaelic Brave
174k Carter English A God
171k Cathy English Pure
169k Chase English Hunter
169k Cassandra Greek Helper of mankind
168k Chris English Gift or god
163k Colleen Irish Little girl, maiden, woman
161k Chelsea English Sea Port
155k Carmen Spanish Song
149k Carla English Gift
147k Clyde Scottish Gift of god
140k Cole English A God
140k Constance Latin Constant
139k Cora Greek Heart, Maiden
133k Charlene English Flower
133k Clayton English Partner
132k Cory English Quarry; Running water; Water
128k Colton English From Old English "col tun", meaning "coal town".
128k Claudia Latin Cloud
127k Colin English Young Wolf
122k Chester English Camp, fortress.
119k Carson English Son of Carr
114k Cecil English Blind
112k Caitlin Irish Pure
111k Carole French
100k Christy English Sparkle
99k Cecilia Latin Blind
97k Clinton English Settlement on an hill
92k Claude French Derived from the latin word 'claudicatio', means "the one who limps" or in short limping
92k Cooper English Barrel Maker
85k Candace African Queen of the world
78k Collin Gaelic Gelatin
78k Camila Spanish Wealthy
74k Cesar Spanish It means "emperor", "king", "who has long hair"
71k Cheyenne Native American Little wolf
70k Clifton English Good fellow
70k Camille French Kind, Special, Joyful
68k Candice English Gift from god
65k Cristian Spanish gift of god
64k Carly English Little Warrior
63k Caden English Spirit of battle
61k Callie Greek Beautiful
60k Cassidy Irish Beautiful redhead
58k Celeste Latin Heavenly
57k Cecelia Latin Blind
55k Colby English Gift of god
55k Celia Latin Heavenly
55k Conner Irish King of Hounds or Lover of Hounds
52k Cara Irish Friend
52k Caitlyn Irish Pure
52k Cristina Spanish Follower of Christ
50k Chance English A gift against odds
50k Camden Scottish Winding valley
49k Carlton English Creation
48k Corinne French Beautiful maiden
47k Christie English Anointed one
46k Clark English Clerk
46k Cassie English Beautiful;angel
44k Carolina Spanish Queen of the Kings
43k Chandler American Godlike among common men.
42k Cleo Greek Gift of god
41k Carroll Irish Warrior Champion
41k Cedric English War hero
39k Clarissa English Bright, clear, shining, gentle, famous
38k Clay English Lord of soil and happiness
37k Corbin English Raven