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Name Origin Meaning
1.6m Patricia English Noble
1.4m Paul English Small
679k Patrick Irish Noble
596k Pamela English All honey
581k Peter Greek Rock
341k Philip Greek Lover of Horses
323k Phyllis Greek Gift of god
310k Phillip English Lover of Horses
293k Peggy English Pearl
280k Paula English Small
227k Pauline French Small
161k Pearl English Pearl means innocence and modesty
142k Paige English Young servant
127k Patsy Irish Strong, Godly
127k Parker English Park keeper
124k Peyton English Royal
120k Priscilla English Ancient
116k Preston English Sport
99k Penny English Coin
90k Pedro Spanish Rock
78k Perry English A gift from God
78k Payton English Royal and love
72k Penelope Greek Weaver
67k Pat English Best
63k Patty Irish
49k Piper English Butterfly
46k Paulette French small" or "humble
46k Pablo Spanish Small
45k Patti English Noble
43k Pete English The rock
42k Paisley Scottish Church
39k Paris Greek Light and beauty
35k Patrice French A noble nortonian
35k Phoebe Greek Moon
33k Pam English Beloved elf, all honey
32k Percy Greek Born of Sea
29k Polly English Perfect gift
28k Presley English Gift of god. special
27k Phoenix Greek Beauty of firebirds'
23k Paola Italian Music singer
22k Paxton American Peace/Peaceful
20k Phil English our lord and saviour
20k Perla Spanish Pearl
19k Precious English Gift of god
19k Pearlie French Pearl
19k Prince English Son of king
18k Pierre French Rock
18k Paulina Latin Beautiful
18k Porter English The teacher
17k Pierce English Originated from the name Peter, it means Rock, solid foundation
14k Princess English Gift of god
14k Petra Greek Rock
11k Patience English I have patience
11k Pansy Chinese
11k Palmer English One who welcomes the Christ
11k Portia English Used in the Merchant of Venice, is a courageous young woman
10k Pasquale Italian
10k Pattie Native American She is nice
9k Philomena Greek Love(r) of Strength
9k Patrica English Patrica means Noble in latin and it also is a city in Italy
9k Paloma Spanish Dove
8k Paislee American Church
7k Pamala English
7k Peggie English
7k Princeton English Charming
6k Pearline English
6k Pilar Spanish Strength. Strong. Pillar of strength
6k Priya Indian (Sanskrit) Beloved
6k Prudence English Wisdom
6k Pennie English Person of care
5k Page English
5k Paityn English Warrior of faith
5k Promise English Gift of honesty
4k Paulo Portuguese Small, humble
4k Pricilla Hebrew
4k Priscila Spanish
4k Patricio Spanish
4k Poppy English Red Flower
4k Porsha African American car
4k Prentice Gaelic
4k Pinkie English Princess
4k Pranav Indian (Sanskrit) Lord Ganesha
4k Payten English Cutey
4k Phillis English Grandmother
4k Price Welsh Strong independent loyal hard working great lover very protective of family
4k Palma Latin
3k Porfirio Mexican
3k Parris English Wonder of beauty
3k Phylis Greek
3k Paolo Italian Tree
3k Pernell English
3k Pamella Greek Intelligent
3k Pia Italian In Hindi Pia means loved and in Latin Pia means from the mount Olympus.
3k Patric Irish
3k Parrish English
3k Preslee English God Empress or Leader of millions.
3k Philippe French Lover of horses
3k Pandora Greek All gifted
3k Pascual Spanish
3k Pyper English Person