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Name Origin Meaning
1.3m Steven English Crowned one
1.1m Susan English Lily
1.1m Sarah Hebrew Princess
877k Sandra English Helper of mankind
862k Stephen English Crown
775k Scott Scottish Painted warrior
772k Samuel Hebrew God has heard
744k Stephanie Greek Crown
725k Sharon Hebrew Plains of roses
695k Shirley English Bright meadow
579k Samantha English Listener
428k Sara Hebrew Princess
422k Sean Irish Gift of god
364k Sophia Greek Wisdom
347k Shannon Irish Little wise one
336k Shawn English Gift from God
301k Stanley English Stoney meadow
241k Steve English Crown, Victorius
241k Sylvia Latin Spirit of the woods
239k Sheila English Heavenly
231k Sherry English Wine
219k Suzanne French Love and tough
205k Sally English Princess
193k Shane Irish God is Gracious
185k Stacy English God
181k Sydney English Gift of god
180k Stella Latin STAR
174k Savannah English Gift of God
165k Sebastian Spanish Venerable
163k Seth Hebrew Gift from God, it also means "appointed" because Eve thought God appointed Seth to her
162k Shelby English Goddess
161k Stacey English Resurrection
145k Sue English Gift of god
141k Sofia Greek Wisdom
138k Sabrina English White Rose
129k Sadie Hebrew Princess
126k Sam English Cloutus
122k Spencer English Keeper of the pantry
117k Sophie English Wisdom
107k Sidney English Everything
98k Sierra Spanish Mountain
88k Skylar English Scholar or lover of learning
86k Shelly English Shellls
85k Susie English Lily
84k Sherri English Beloved
80k Summer English Season
79k Sandy English The name means sand or sandy dunes...
79k Sheryl English Gift of Gid
77k Sergio Spanish Guardian, servant
74k Shelley English Shelley means "shells"
73k Scarlett English Red
73k Shaun Irish Gift from god
69k Stuart Scottish Those who take care of house
67k Santiago Spanish Saint
66k Sonia Russian Wisdom
65k Sonya Russian Wisdom
64k Skyler English Scholar
62k Simon Hebrew The Listener
61k Serenity English Peace
61k Sheri French Darling
59k Sawyer English Sawyer means woodsman
56k Salvatore Italian Savior
52k Selena Greek Moon Goddess
51k Silas Hebrew Of the forest; forest
50k Sallie Native American
48k Shelia American Girl, women, heavenly
48k Salvador Spanish Saviour
46k Shawna Irish God is gracious
44k Sammy English Smile
43k Sylvester English Spirit of the land
42k Serena Latin Calm
41k Shari Hebrew Princess of exotic beauty, the king's daughter
40k Saul Hebrew Prayed or asked for
39k Sherman Hebrew
39k Stacie English Resurection
39k Sonja Russian Wisdom
37k Sasha Russian Leader of Men
37k Stefanie Greek Crown
37k Sheldon English From the flat-topped valley with steepsided hills...
35k Sherrie English Darling Dear one
35k Sterling English The Sterling castle in Scotland
34k Solomon Hebrew Peace
31k Stewart Scottish Hall gaurdian
31k Sage English A position of "soldier" in a kingdom
31k Savanna English Beautiful young woman
30k Shayla Irish It is a Queen from turkey who fights for her kingdom and her loved ones no matter what
30k Shana Hebrew Beautiful
28k Sammie Hebrew Gift of God
28k Shanna Hebrew Wise, Loving
28k Shauna Irish God is gracious
27k Sienna Italian Wise
27k Stephan German crown
27k Sondra Greek Defender of mankind. A Scottish short form of Alexandra.
27k Selma Arabic Peace, Harmony
26k Simone French Heard
26k Susanne Hebrew Lily of the Valley
26k Staci English
23k Skye Scottish Gift of god
23k Stevie English Angel
22k Sheena Scottish Gracious gift of god/ gracious gift from god/ gods gracious gift