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Trending Baby Names of 2016

Most Likely Top 10 Names of 2016

Why are 11 names listed and just how good are these estimates?

While we allowed ourselves a little wiggle room by giving 11 names instead of 10, our estimations have correctly guessed over 95% of the top 10 boy AND girl names over the past 50 years. Even without the 11th name, we've still estimated 93% correctly.

If you are looking for names that will be the most popular this year, in almost all cases, you have to look no further than the most popular names in recent years. Since the Social Security Administration started collecting the most accurate data in 1937, all of the top 10 names for a given year were in the top 25 during the previous year.

For these reasons, it's pretty clear that while one or two of the 11 names listed may not make it into the top 10 this year, they will still be extremely popular. Besides the list below, be sure to check the most popular names in the 2010s for other really popular names.

There's also some debate over whether you should combine names that are spelled differently but sound the same. We'll let you decide whether each group should oust some of the names without several common spellings.

Boy Names

#-Name2015 Rank2015 Boys2016 Estimate

Similar Names That Could Change the Rankings

NamesCombined 2016 Estimate
Jackson and Jaxon20,450
Matthew and Mateo18,120
Aiden and Ayden17,710
Grayson and Carson13,500

Girl Names

#-Name2015 Rank2015 Girls2016 Estimate

Similar Names That Could Change the Rankings

NamesCombined 2016 Estimate
Sophia and Sofia26,160
Isabella and Isabelle17,920
Zoey and Zoe12,790
Ella and Ellie12,690
Aubrey and Aubree10,740

The Wildcards

So, what's the most likely reason for having trouble finding the most popular names? It's when we come across some of the fastest rising names of all time. Names like Ashley that had over 18,000 more babies with the name in 1983 than the year before, and names like Nicholas that had over 10,000 more babies with the name in 1978 than the year before.

So, let's take a look at some of the potential wildcards that could have a huge rise in popularity this year to take one of the top spots.

The data is taken from births that occurred in the United States after 1879. From 1880 to 1936, all births may not be included in the original data set.

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<100 Arinna
<100 Eblin
<100 Vhairi
<100 Zoleka
<100 Wataca
1k Sicily
657 Librada
<100 Adjani
18k King
248k Monica
<100 Ysla
1.1m Sarah
476k Christina
120 Yacine
<100 Rannis
<100 Ruellia
<100 Dayanni
<100 Jaizon
<100 Sergiline
<100 Onai