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Names gain popularity for all sorts of reasons. In this list, we highlight some of the names that have seen rapid rises in interest due to various news-worthy events. See the spike in interest for these names as well as the reason for their spike.

Spensha <100 (May 2018)

Spensha Baker was a contestant on the reality TV talent show The Voice that finished in 4th place.

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Leafar <100 (May 2018)

Leafar Seyer is an artist that married TV personality and tattoo artist Kat Von D in February and announced their first child on May 8th

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Adidion <100 (May 2018)

The title of a diss track by rap artist Pusha T aimed at Drake

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Maashous <100 (April 2018)

Maashous Evers is a character on the NBC TV series Rise played by Rarmian Newton

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Stormi 2k (February 2018)

Stormi Webster is the name given to the daughter of Kylie Jenner (from Keeping Up with the Kardashians) and Travis Scott

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Shuri <100 (February 2018)

Shuri is a breakout character in Marvel's Black Panther movie

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Kuwilileni <100 (February 2018)

Kuwilileni Williams-Hauwanga created a series of viral videos for the site BuzzFeed regarding women, sexuality, and race

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Zhavia <100 (January 2018)

Zhavia is a teenage singer on the Fox singing competition show The Four

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Belcalis <100 (January 2018)

The female American rapper known as Cardi B's real name is Belcalis Almanzar

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Okhi <100 (December 2017)

Tropical cyclone Ockhi in the Arabian Sea hit Sri Lanka and India in late 2017

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Gothboiclique <100 (November 2017)

Goth Boi Clique is is a rap / rock / emo group based in LA

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Bayek <100 (November 2017)

Bayek is the leading character in the video game Assassin's Creed Origins that was released October 2017

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Mazikeen <100 (October 2017)

Mazikeen is a main character in the Fox TV series Lucifer that aired the start of the 3rd season in October 2017

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Jiren <100 (October 2017)

Jiren is a Dragon Ball character that was featured in a fight against Goku

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Dartanian 205 (October 2017)

Dartanian is common spelling of D’artagnan - a Musketeer. A creature in the Netflix show Stranger Things was nicknamed Dart after eating a 3 Musketeers chocolate bar.

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Altuve <100 (October 2017)

Jose Altuve is the 2nd baseman for the Houston Astros that won the MVP award in 2017

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Xiuhtezcatl <100 (September 2017)

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is a climate activist that published the book We Rise in September 2017

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Irma 73k (September 2017)

Hurricane Irma hit many Caribbean islands and Florida. It was the most intense hurricane to hit the continental US since Katrina

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Clowance <100 (July 2017)

Clowance was a character born in July 2017 in the BBC show Poldark

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