Baby Names Inspired by Beverly Hills, 90210

Bevery Hills, 90210 was a must watch for anyone growing up in the 1990s. The TV show's characters made an impression on every fan of the show. But, was the show so popular that it inspired babies to be named after its characters? Judge for yourself which of the shows characters resulted in more babies with the name below.

#1 DYLAN McKay

Babies named for Dylan McKay
423,411 Total Boys Named Dylan/Dillon
About the Baby Name Dylan
About the Baby Name Dillon
Babies Named Dylan by Year
Babies Named Dillon by Year

#2 BRANDON Walsh

Babies named for Brandon Walsh
780,654 Total Boys Named Brandon/Branden
About the Baby Name Brandon
About the Baby Name Branden
Babies Named Brandon by Year
Babies Named Branden by Year

#3 BRENDA Walsh

Babies named for Brenda Walsh
606,832 Total Girls Named Brenda
About the Baby Name Brenda
Babies Named Brenda by Year

#4 STEVE Sanders

Babies named for Steve Sanders
240,218 Total Boys Named Steve
About the Baby Name Steve
Babies Named Steve by Year

#5 DAVID Silver

Babies named for David Silver
3,611,329 Total Boys Named David
About the Baby Name David
Babies Named David by Year

#6 KELLY Taylor

Babies named for Kelly Taylor
642,190 Total Girls Named Kelly/Kelli/Kellie/Kelley
About the Baby Name Kelly
About the Baby Name Kelli
About the Baby Name Kellie
About the Baby Name Kelley
Babies Named Kelly by Year
Babies Named Kelli by Year
Babies Named Kellie by Year
Babies Named Kelley by Year

#7 DONNA Martin

Babies named for Donna Martin
849,545 Total Girls Named Donna/Dona
About the Baby Name Donna
About the Baby Name Dona
Babies Named Donna by Year
Babies Named Dona by Year

#8 ANDREA Zuckerman

Babies named for Andrea Zuckerman
431,157 Total Girls Named Andrea
About the Baby Name Andrea
Babies Named Andrea by Year

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