British Royalty Names

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God Save the Queen (Elizabeth)

With 1.5 times the number of votes as the #2 spot, the name of the current Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II, takes the top spot. Learn about the top 5 below.
  • Elizabeth: The current Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II, was born in 1926 and has reigned since 1952. Elizabeth I (also known as the Virgin Queen) was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She was Queen of England and Ireland from 1558 to 1603 and her rule defined the Elizabethan era.
  • William: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is the oldest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. He is currently 2nd in the line of succession after his father, and married Catherine Middleton (often called Kate).
  • Charles: Charles, Prince of Wales, is the oldest son of the current Queen and 1st in line of succession.
  • Victoria: Queen of the United Kingdom from 1837 until 1901. She had a longer reign than any previous monarch.
  • Harry: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, is the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, brother of Prince William, and husband to Duchess Meghan Markle.

Recent Royal Baby Names

Prince Charles and Princess Diana have many grandchildren from their sons William and Harry. William and Kate have recently had Prince George (2013), Princess Charlotte (2015), and Prince Louis (2018). Harry and Meghan have recently had Master Archie (2019). Though able to be called Prince Archie, his parents chose the title Master because they hope him to grow up as a private citizen.

Several of Elizabeth's other children have also had grandchildren. Peter and Autumn Phillips have two children: Savannah (2010) and Isla (2012). Zara and Mike Tindall have three children: Mia (2014), Lena (2018), and Lucas (2021). Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank have a single child: August (2021).

Popular This Year

Several of the names that rank highly on this list are also predicted to be among the most popular baby names this year. 5.2m James is predicted to be the #6 boy name, 4.1m William is predicted to be the #7 boy name, 705k Henry is predicted to be the #9 boy name, 1.7m Elizabeth is predicted to be the #23 girl name, and 501k Victoria is predicted to be the #33 girl name.

The Complete List

Sort, Filter, and Group
#1 1.7m Elizabeth
#2 1.7m Elizabeth, 46k Elisabeth
#2 4.1m William, 6k Williams, 3k Willam
#2 4.1m William
#3 2.4m Charles, 3k Charleston, 199k Charlie
#3 2.4m Charles
#4 501k Victoria, 322k Victor
#4 501k Victoria
#5 424k Harry
#6 362k Diana
#7 1.3m Edward
#8 1.5m George
#9 46k Elisabeth
#10 5.2m James
#11 705k Henry
#12 401k Louis, 336k Louise
#12 401k Louis
#13 534k Arthur
#14 689k Alexander
#15 100k Alexandria
#16 664k Catherine, 642k Katherine
#16 376k Charlotte
#17 2.6m Richard
#18 642k Katherine
#19 1.3m Margaret
#20 341k Philip, 310k Phillip
#20 341k Philip
#21 82k Kate
#22 141k Sofia
#23 664k Catherine
#24 96k Isabelle, 15k Isabell
#24 539k Marie
#25 96k Isabelle
#26 81k Harrison
#27 4.1m Mary
#28 439k Megan, 95k Meghan
#28 <100 Winchester
#29 9k Duke
#30 237k Alexandra
#31 14k Scarlet
#32 520k Diane
#33 439k Megan
#34 56k Eliza
#35 6k Williams
#36 54k Elliott
#37 233k Caroline
#38 336k Louise
#39 488k Rose
#40 4k Royalty
#41 46k Anastasia
#42 47k London
#43 349k Isabella
#44 3k Willam
#45 15k Isabell
#46 192k Beatrice
#47 491k Albert
#48 323k Anne, 470k Ann
#48 310k Phillip
#49 19k Prince
#50 193k Claire
#51 <100 Edelgard
#52 3k Archibald
#53 553k Harold
#54 15k Queen
#55 62k Aurora
#56 323k Anne
#57 3k Charleston
#58 4k Bartholomew
#59 779 Windsor
#60 61k Annabelle, 14k Annabel
#60 569k Alice
#61 358k Ruby
#62 61k Annabelle
#63 553k Maria
#64 29k King
#65 268k Edith
#66 470k Ann
#67 28k Winston
#68 244k Alfred
#69 1.3m Andrew
#70 44k Elisa
#71 4.8m Robert
#72 284k Clara
#73 169k Cassandra
#74 28k Evangeline
#75 5.2m John
#76 472k Olivia
#77 14k Annabel
#78 581k Peter
#79 69k Stuart
#80 347k Howard
#81 104k Ariana
#82 3k Eugenie
#83 1.1m Ronald
#84 860k Emily
#85 505k Grace
#86 447k Christian
#87 322k Victor
#88 50k Kiara
#89 95k Meghan
#90 49k Elliot
#91 159k Beth
#92 843k Kimberly
#93 21k Romeo
#94 <100 Nylana
#95 158k Trevor
#96 2.0m Christopher
#97 314k Ella
#98 52k Archie
#99 104k Arnold
#100 12k Nigel
#101 1k Carlina
#102 199k Charlie
#103 43k Eden
#104 752k Rebecca
#105 14k Princess
#106 263k Frederick
#107 451k Lillian
#108 884k Eric
#109 6k Deandra
#110 671 Fionna
#111 2k Carlota
#112 2k Amarie
#113 15k Elle
#114 1.1m Timothy
#115 <100 Noire
#116 1k Anny
#117 282 British
#118 104k Ana
#119 789k Amanda
#120 92k Claude
#121 29k Elsa
#122 433k Taylor
#123 692k Emma

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1.6m Matthew
45k Will
284k Alex
73k Shaun
49k Mila
422k Sean
336k Shawn
4.4m Michael
168k Chris
161k Bill
1.1m Sarah
9k Liz
3.6m David
1k Hermione
39k Lizzie
93k Bob
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706k Jack
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2.3m Thomas
154k Jim
364k Sophia
2.6m Joseph
238k Katie
1.9m Daniel
26k Ed
18k Chuck
117k Maggie
388k Billy
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46k Cassie
87k Becky
440k Hannah
899k Anna
68k Elise
963k Ryan
234k Liam
1.1m Jessica
374k Jane
1.2m Joshua
1.4m Paul
1.5m Jennifer
234k Jesus
289k Jimmy
126k Sam
3k Becca
2k Oliva
1.4m Mark


The surveys for the list "British Royalty Names" were conducted in two stages with a different group of respondents for each stage. The first stage gathered suggestions: we asked people to type in their suggested names for the list. After over 10 weeks of gathering suggestions, we began the second stage which lasted over 7 weeks. The second stage asked what names people liked: we asked a new group of respondants to select names that are a good fit from a list of the gathered suggestions.

The second stage of the survey (asking for likes) was added because it's hard for a single person to come up with many ideas. When asked to type out suggestions, most respondents only suggested a handful of names. Further, it's much easier to express an opinion of a name than use creativity to come up with many ideas. The second stages improves ranking of the less commonly thought of names, and dramatically increases the number of people sharing their input. More respondents means a consensus among thousands of people instead of a list biased by a handful of editors.

For most of our lists, an attempt has been made to remain light on editorializing - some names may only be vaguely related while others may be misconceptions. While names that most users agreed did not fit the list were removed, keep in mind that a name can mean different things to different people. With enough users agreeing, some names remain on the list - even when we can't understand the exact reason users added the name to the list.

Sorting and Filtering

The best names are those that received the most votes overall. For names that are the first to come to mind, we only looked at names people entered in the first stage of the survey where people were asked to enter their suggestions instead of selecting names they liked.

Names in bold have a high number of votes compared to the number of babies born with the name. For that reason, babies were more likely given the name because it fits "British Royalty Names" than because it is a common name.

List Updated

Births for first names are taken from births that occurred in the United States after 1879. From 1880 to 1936, all births may not be included in the original data set. Any totals for last names are the number of people with the last name as of the last US census.

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