Baby Names Inspired by Greek and Roman Mythology

The Influence of Modern TV and Movies

In the last several years, modern television and film have adapted many classic stories to new mediums and created new stories based on old heroes.

Lucius from HBO's Rome

Julius from HBO's Rome

Maximus from Gladiator

Ashur from Starz's Spartacus

Quintus from Centurion

Ariadne from Pompeii

Leonidas from The 300

Achilles from Troy

Hector from Troy

Most Popular Gladiator Names

Name Relative Popularity
Marcus 230k
Julius 78k
Virgil 73k
Maximus 24k
Titus 19k
Augustus 16k
Atticus 9k
Lucius 9k
Justus 9k
Marcellus 7k
Cassius 5k
Junius 5k
Magnus 4k
Otho 3k
Seneca 3k
Octavius 3k
Caius 1k

Roman Mythological Figures

Name Relative Popularity
Diana 359k
Aurora 52k
Minerva 15k
Sol 9k
Venus 9k
Vesta 8k
Apollo 3k
Male 2k
Amor 1k

Greek Mythological Figures

Name Relative Popularity
Jason 1.0m
Doris 465k
Phyllis 323k
Ida 187k
Cassandra 168k
Hector 102k
Iris 80k
Damon 64k
Simon 59k
Myles 40k
Paris 37k
Daphne 35k
Phoebe 33k
Asia 32k
Athena 31k
Lupe 25k
Phoenix 23k
Angelia 22k
Rhea 16k
Orion 15k
Thalia 13k
Maia 13k
Nestor 10k
Adonis 9k
Selene 7k
Memphis 6k
Atlas 5k
Melia 5k
Echo 4k
Cleta 4k
Apollo 3k
Ariadne 3k
Aura 3k
Dione 3k
Pandora 3k
Ania 3k
Ares 3k
Gorge 3k
Achilles 2k
Eris 2k
Persephone 2k
Cleopatra 2k
Eudora 2k
Dia 2k
Calliope 2k
Meda 2k
Ladon 1k
Lyssa 1k
Artemis 1k
Zeus 1k
Charon 1k
Lamia 1k
Triton 1k
Eros 1k
Electra 1k

Other Names that End in -us

Ok, some of these obviously aren't based on ancient mythology, but there is a definite trend among ancient cultures to choose names that end in "us". If you are just looking for names that sound like names from the period, you might consider some of these as well.

Name Relative Popularity
Marcus 230k
Julius 78k
Darius 51k
Cornelius 36k
Rufus 36k
Demetrius 36k
Maximus 24k
Thaddeus 24k
Cyrus 21k
Titus 19k
Alexus 19k
Augustus 16k
Markus 14k
Demarcus 13k
Venus 9k
Atticus 9k
Lucius 9k
Justus 9k
Cletus 8k
Marcellus 7k
Darrius 7k
Lexus 7k
Seamus 7k
Angus 6k
Aloysius 6k
Cassius 5k
Junius 5k
Jamarcus 5k
Lucious 5k
Tyrus 4k
Linus 4k
Ladarius 4k
Adolphus 4k
Magnus 4k
Ignatius 3k
Octavius 3k
Damarcus 3k
Lazarus 3k
Lamarcus 3k
Cornelious 3k
Jairus 2k
Marius 2k
Cleophus 2k
Theophilus 2k
Taurus 2k
Lotus 2k
Demitrius 2k
Demarius 2k
Dontavious 2k
Demetrious 2k

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The data is taken from births that occurred in the United States after 1879. From 1880 to 1936, all births may not be included in the original data set.

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